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My NEW CMP M1 Garand Rifle!

Article about: thats an awesome rifle im saving up to get one from CMP for my reenacting but i wont have the money for a while

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    Default Re: My NEW CMP M1 Garand Rifle!

    I would list it on your insurance for that. I don't know what your market in your area will stand if it were for sale?
    These "Good" garands will bring money. If anyone wants one to shoot, these are the way to go. You have a keeper.
    I have had one come into the shop for inspection that was purchased from a big box chain store's Premium Gun Room. This kid payed 2000.00 for an "all orginal" 1943 garand. he was given a paper where it was re-Arsenal at Rock Island. Everything was period,but the bore was gone. ( If it had been re-arsenaled the inspectors would have gaged the barrel and would have replaced it) he bought it with the intention of shooting it. I told him he should have bought a CMP rifle if he wanted a shooter. lesson learned.
    Well as the old saying goes. You can ask the world and what you get maybe something different.
    Have a good day.
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    Send you what I have so far in terms of...?

    Also, based on what I am seeing locally, the retail price of Garands in similar condition to mine are going for $1900+! As such, I put the value of mine at $2,000. Does that seem reasonable? $625 WELL SPENT!
    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Default Re: My NEW CMP M1 Garand Rifle!

    Thanks, John!

    The CMP is definitely the way to go! The wait time can be agonizing, but it is well worth it!

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