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My new WWII German Vis Radom P35 (p) - with provenance!

Article about: Hello everyone, I wanted to share my latest find with you all! Here is a Radom I have just picked up. It came exactly as is from the veteran's brother's home and was only discovered as his l

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    Just to clear up any misconceptions you may have pertaining to my post ... and how I really feel about what has been done to this rare and collectible Radom.

    This Radom is gone forever since it is not a firearm any longer but just a hunk of steel. And the only way I would take it off your hands now is if you cut it in half and make lucite book ends out of it.

    You fools found a veteran's hidden war booty and are bragging about how it has been totally ruined.

    You could only be proud of this find and brag about it is if you had managed to save it from destruction or if you had managed to have it buried with the veteran.

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    Doesn't look like I had any misconceptions here with what you were saying before.....? Good for you that you feel that way about it, doesn't matter to me in the slightest to be honest!
    You won't be taking it off my hands I can assure you, so you better get searching for those book ends you apparently so desperately need! All the best with that,


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    Andrzej, letís keep things civil here. As a WW2 firearm owner and layman historian I agree that emasculating these firearms is a terrible thing. But thereís no need to be calling other members fools for obeying the law. Itís these ridiculous short sighted laws that are to blame, not the collectors that are doing everything in their power to save at least some of the item rather than have it sent to be melted down.

    All thoughts and opinions expressed are those of my own and should not be mistaken for medical and/or legal advice.

    "Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." - John Wayne

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    Antek, hardly what I would call as you partly state " doing everything in their power" and what the English and Aussies have done to historic and collectible firearms is unforgivable.

    Making an effort to have it leave that country would have been commendable, but resorting to the option taken is not at all praise worthy and bragging to serious collectors abut this I find deplorable. Burying the tin and its contents with the veteran would have been a much better alternative and I believe this is what the veteran would have chosen.

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    It's perfectly possible to own functioning firearms in Australia-my Radom that I shot last year at the WAAAS collectible pistol shoot.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Good to hear these drastic measures have not enveloped Australians to this extent. As the great England does it follows the subordinate royal colonies must do as well

    Nice type 2 Radom, congratulations!

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    Just to clear up a point here, ... the "ownership" of an unlicensed pistol in the UK carries a mandatory 5 year prison sentence, unless you have a class 5 firearms license for holding/transport for disposal of said items.

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    Quote by Gary J View Post
    Just to clear up a point here, ... the "ownership" of an unlicensed pistol in the UK carries a mandatory 5 year prison sentence, unless you have a class 5 firearms license for holding/transport for disposal of said items.
    And the renowned Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess collection of Rare German firearms somehow survived the destruction, it was moved to Switzerland and recently sold at auction in the USA. I wonder how the very faintly applied and well-hidden import markings were found to be acceptable?

    Disposal via auction house or bury ... with the veteran/owner.

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