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My New York trip finds.

Article about: The flare pistol is cool! I just picked up one of these a couple weeks ago. As stated it is an LP-42 German flare pistol. It saw service from 1943 till the end of the war and then I believe

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    Default My New York trip finds.

    Back home now, and unpacking some items I bought while in NYC.
    Some I shipped and the rest I brought in my luggage - TSA did open and check my bags, I had the little notes inside when I checked, lol.

    G33-40 rifle - likely refinished and not matching, but this is my first mountaineer rifle and I am really pleased with it.
    Three K98 bayonets - two with frogs - really clean one matching, one with un-numbered scabbard, the third one looks like it has been around the block - but has a nicely blued blade.
    Flare pistol - waffen marked.
    Hitler Youth dagger.
    M1880 Belgian saw-back bayonet.
    These were a mix of NY Craigslist and flea market finds, the G33 was an NY located GunBroker ad.
    (The G33-40 was bought on my C&R FFL.)

    The stock number matches the rifle, and action - but the bolt is different.
    The blueing looks too rich and polished to be orig - but the eagles are still fairly deep/crisp.

    Good collecting!


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    Default Re: My New York trip finds.

    I'm no expert on 33/40's but the markings look crisp . If somebody did refinish it they did a great job. It looks very nice. The other items just add to your haul!!! Congrats on the Nice snags!!!Any chance of seeing close up's of the Bayonets and HJ dagger!!! I do them them so!!!!!
    Semper Fi

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    Default Re: My New York trip finds.

    For sure - I will post more pics in this thread.

    Thanks for the interest.


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    Default Re: My New York trip finds.

    great looking stuff you picked up. Since the new laws in the peoples republic of New York a lot of stuff will be for sale or just go under ground. I would think.
    Thanks for sharing.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Default Re: My New York trip finds.

    Very nice! I had a flare gun like that when i were young
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    Default Re: My New York trip finds.

    nice pieces you have picked up the rifle looks great, i have an LP42 flare pistol the same as yours but here in the U.K, they have to be deactivated, what a pitty.
    thanks for showing them.

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    Default Re: My New York trip finds.

    I just bought some Czech flares to go with it - they are from the 1980's but they look older for display purposes, lol.
    I noticed you can also buy rifled inserts for the flare pistol on line, .45, 9mm or .22 - the drop-in inserts are non-regulated, until you put them inside the flare pistol.
    I have no use for such things, if I need a pistol (and I don't very often) I have one. But interesting, nevertheless.

    I am looking forward to taking the g33-40 out to the range, carbines are always a blast to shoot, pun intended.


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    Default Re: My New York trip finds.

    Nice finds

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    Default Re: My New York trip finds.

    Think you did OK. The G33-40 is a great find as I have not come across one. Am sure it is worth a premium. Thanks for sharing these treasures with us.

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    Default Re: My New York trip finds.

    Hi Mauser9,

    The G33 was a purchase based on my relatively new interest in the GJ Mountaineers, and their exploits.
    I found it on Gunbroker using the advanced search where you highlight a particular state, NY in this case.

    I then dropped a minimum bid and waited, as I do several times a day, lol, sometimes I am pleased other times I am shocked and annoyed at myself, lol.

    In this case I was very happy.
    The bolt is a true G33-40 bolt, however it is mismatched to the rifle, and the stock has been sanded and refinished, if a long time ago - but I am aware I would have paid twice what I paid, for an all matching, original condition example, and I am not rich, so I am prepared to have it not quite perfect.
    They had two matching versions at my favorite store here, and they were $1900 and $2000 respectively, a little more than twice what I paid - they have both since sold.

    Good collecting all!


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