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my sweedish m96 mauser

Article about: i baught this rifle at a show in april i paid \\$210 US and was wondering what you guys think about it and if it was a agood buy

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    Default Re: my sweedish m96 mauser

    thanks a bunch lou. i realy want to go shoot it but i dont have a job right now and dont want to spend a dollar a round to shoot it
    the cheepest i have found was wolf amo on the internet for 18.99 but with S/H it was 24 somthin for a 20 round box
    do you guys know if it would be okay if i used that type of ammo or should i use older rounds

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    Default Re: my sweedish m96 mauser

    I just buy the "Norma" brass and reload; it is a hell of a lot cheaper + you can tailormake the round that does best with your rifle! HTH


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    Default Re: my sweedish m96 mauser

    thanks agin lou. i was also wondering what kind of markings should i look for on a m96 bayonet for this rifle

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    Have a question; the barrel crown of the swedish mausers that I have seen always have threads; in the first picture of this thread started by MR MATT; there is a circular object beside the rifle crown; is this a"crown protector"? to be threaded on to use when cleaning the barrel........TIA


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    the cap is for the bayonet to be mounted on so as not to hurt the threading there was a training atachment that threaded on to the end with holes in it because the blanks they use had a wooden projectile that would splinter out of the end but. since i have the cap i baught a bayonet for it as well it is also posted hear
    hope this helps lou

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