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My WWI Colt 45

Article about: I'm jealous Gary! That is a beautiful weapon and rig you have there. I need to start collecting pistols. Like you said before, rifles take up too much room. The 1911's are just so darn expen

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    Default My WWI Colt 45

    This is one of my 45's. Its had a hard life. It was made in 1918 so there is a good chance it was used in WWI. It came with the holster ,web belt,and mag holder. The holster is a 1917 Boyt . From the looks of the Colt it has sat in that holster for way to long. But she is still a great shooter . Gary
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My WWI Colt 45   My WWI Colt 45  

    My WWI Colt 45   My WWI Colt 45  

    My WWI Colt 45   My WWI Colt 45  

    My WWI Colt 45   My WWI Colt 45  

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    Default Re: My WWI Colt 45

    Nice, Looks to be a very nice pistol. While it does have some pitting I still think it looks to be in very good condition. From what I can see it appears to be be all origional. There is a possiblity that it could have been used in WW II and beyond. Many pre A1 1911's were used in WWII as the militay machine production of the A1 didn't get off the ground right away. In fact when I was in the service in the early 80's there was still an occassional pre A1 floating around. Does it have the HP barrel? I'm not a 1911 expert but I do play one on TV.

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    Default Re: My WWI Colt 45

    Hi Mike the barrel is marked HS on one side and P on the other. I dont think this was used much after WWI because it was never parkerized.

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    Default Re: My WWI Colt 45

    Quote by RH1941 View Post
    Hi Mike the barrel is marked HS on one side and P on the other. I dont think this was used much after WWI because it was never parkerized.
    HS barrels were made during WWII so it's a replacement barrel. HS barrels were made by Hi Standard, and used on Remington Rand 1911's and others. I would guess that your pistol was "liberated" early on due to the lack of parkerizing and not used in WWII either. But it's really hard to say. If they could talk (I would be frightened) we would know. It's a dandy. I really appreciate these old 45's.

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    Default Re: My WWI Colt 45

    Mike I have a few pistols but none of them have the feel of the 1911 45. I have a 4 digit 1911 that I carry when I hunt. Gary

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    Default Re: My WWI Colt 45

    Many collectors freak out about shooting older 1911's, Granted the pre A1's were not hardened and the early WWII's were only hardened in some high stress areas but realistically if you have good springs and keep the ammo at standard pressure they really hold up well. The earliest 1911 I've owned was 1914, I did SEE a 3 digit several years ago 5xx, it was a Model of the U.S. Navy and had been refinished and they wanted $1200.00 for it, I wonder what it's worth now? Even parted together 1911's and A1's are running a grand now.

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    Default Re: My WWI Colt 45

    I've got a Remington Rand A1 that has a Colt replacement barrel. I added a shock absorber to the buffer to reduce the recoil a bit and still enjoy shooting it. I spent my first 6 years in the Army with 1911A1s and never enjoyed the Beretta 9mm. I love the feel of a .45.

    Nica 1911 - it's just well aged and shows its experience!! A classic beauty.
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    Default Re: My WWI Colt 45


    That is a very nice pistol with a lot of character. The .45 Colt configuration is my favorite sidearm.
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    Default Re: My WWI Colt 45

    When you consider that it was used when U.S. Troops went after Pancho Villa and is still in use with some units today, you just gotta figure that it's a good gun. Not only has it been in production for just short of 100 years, it's been used by the military for nearly 100 years too, that's a long haul!!!

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    Default Re: My WWI Colt 45

    MarkV to this day I dont understand why the US went to a 9.
    Mike that low of a # I would have bought it.When I shoot my 45's I shoot good ACP 45 ammo. One of them stove pipes when I use wolf ammo.( I dont shoot wolf now) I was at a show and saw a guy trying to sell the 4 digit 45. All the dealers were trying to low ball the guy or do trades. I asked if I could see it and bought it on the spot.( right infront of one of the dealers) That was over 5 years ago and that dealer still wont talk to me
    Steve she has character. But that 45 you have now thats a work of art . Gary

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