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My WWII Springfield Garand

Article about: 500 was alot of rounds but the simple truth of the matter was that I was pretty sick at the time and I really thought it might be the last time I would be able to shoot the thing, so I let h

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    Default My WWII Springfield Garand

    Thought I would share my WWII Springfield Garand. According to Duff, rifle manufactured in April / 1944. The following info also obtained from Duff publication.

    Reciever D28291 - 32 Correct for April / 1944 Manf.
    Trigger Assembly D28290 - 12- SA Correct for April / 1944 Manf.
    Uncut - Slide / Op Rod D35382 - 9 - SA July / 1943 Manf.
    Bolt D28287 - 12 - SA July / 1943 Manf.
    Barrel D36448 - 35 - A - 104 S-A-3-46 March / 1946

    Oh well, everything but the barrel is WWII. I've got it close. I still like to shoot it, and it's difficult to find WWII barrels that are not shot out. I know I can't have my cake and eat it too, but I'm trying. I hear the same thing as you Gary, "Why the heck are you still shooting that thing." My only reply is because it's fun.

    The bayonet is an M-1, Oneida Limited / 1943, with fiberglass scabbard. Unlike the M1905 bayos, the M1's did not have serial numbers. The Oneida Limiteds were manufactured 1943 through 1945. I really love this rifle, I've had it for several years and put probably too many rounds through it. Hope you like it and thanks for looking.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture My WWII Springfield Garand   My WWII Springfield Garand  

    My WWII Springfield Garand   My WWII Springfield Garand  

    My WWII Springfield Garand   My WWII Springfield Garand  

    My WWII Springfield Garand   My WWII Springfield Garand  

    My WWII Springfield Garand  

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    Default Re: My WWII Springfield Garand

    Nice M1 : ), whats link for the Duff place?

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    Default Re: My WWII Springfield Garand

    Thanks Homer. Scott Duff is the Guru of the M-1 Garand. He has written several books that contain everything you need to know about the Garand including serial numbers and drawing numbers. His book, "The M 1 Garand: WWII", will give you all the info you need. The online stuff, I'm not sure of. Go to, and you can look up serial numbers for year of manufacture and where the rifle was assigned. There is not too much info online about drawing numbers and years. You can actually enter drawing numbers in google and get alot of responses back from other forum discussion sites like this one. Duff has also written a book on post WWII Garands. If you have a Springfield Garand, you can look the serial number up on the Fulton Armory site.

    Take care,
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    Default Re: My WWII Springfield Garand

    Thanks Jay, In about about a day I go down to New Mexico and probably will be able to get a look at my M1 and a few ww2 german helmets that my uncle owned

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    Default Re: My WWII Springfield Garand

    That's awesome Homer. The Garand is fun to shoot and has a great history. Duff has a worksheet you can get online. The worksheet has areas to enter all the drawing numbers and get the history of every piece on the rifle. Most serial numbers can be traced to their initial assignment. It's extra sweet that it's been in your family. Doesn't get much better then having an heirloom Garand. If you get a chance, I'd love to see photos of the rifle and helmets. If you're really interested, The Garand Collectors Association has great info. They have a quarterly magazine with in-depth information, interesting history articles, and updates. They have an online site and it only costs $25.00 a year.

    Take care,

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    Default Re: My WWII Springfield Garand

    I'll be down there for about two weeks so its gonna be awhile till I can post them but when I get back I'll send you the pics and I'll get to bring back some stuff!

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    Default Re: My WWII Springfield Garand

    Nice M1, I don't blame you for shooting it. I'm the same way with my 1911, (it has a replacement slide) I recently shot that mine 500 times in one sitting, that's more rounds than I would normally do in a year. Sometimes you just gotta pop a few caps.


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    Default Re: My WWII Springfield Garand

    I got his older brother SA Garand Serial # 2701771.
    Jan, 44

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    Default Re: My WWII Springfield Garand

    Thanks alot Mike and Phil. Good grief Mike! That's alot of rounds my friend. I'd be limp wristed after slinging that many .45 rounds down range. I get alot of guys telling me that the uncut op rod is gonna break and ruin the value of the rifle. They're probably right, but I just can't stand the thought of her sitting in the gun vault not being used. They made'em to shoot'em. I'm definitely getting my enjoyment out of her. Alot of good things happened in 1944 Phil, and we've got two of them. Thanks again guys!

    Take care,

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    Default Re: My WWII Springfield Garand

    Sorry, I sent the same response twice so please disregard!


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