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Need Info on 1943 P38, holster & clip

Article about: I have recently re discovered stored away a P38 I purchased in the 80's. This is the first time it is seeing the light of day since then. I am hopeful someone could give me the pedigree and

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    Default Re: Need Info on 1943 P38, holster & clip

    the machiening marks are due to higher fead to spead ratio on lath and miller
    not unusal even today from piece work presures
    the later the years the wors th marks
    also in 1944 finish had lost its worth
    practicality was the order of the day
    esthetics took a back seat
    this P38 i think has a lot of hisorical value
    the finish is bad i think not from use but from hasty manufacture
    i believe the macheining marks make it special
    as its not the usual standard
    that i believe makes it worth more to a decerning colector
    purely becouse it is not perfect
    cheers ian

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    Default Re: Need Info on 1943 P38, holster & clip

    sorry i should explane this
    fead to speed ratio to thoe who dont know
    means the spead of rotation of the part to the 1000 of an inch lateral movement of the cutter or componant
    IE 2000 rpm inrelation to 100 thou movement on mild steal should produce a smooth finnish
    dependant on diamiter
    smaler the diamiter the more rpm the faster the feed
    lager the diamiter slower the rpm the slower the feed
    its a lot more complicated than that but thats the basics
    if the feed is faster than the rpm then you get machening marks just as we see here
    this usualy acures becouse some one has speeded up the machine feed wise but has not {didnt know how } to speed up the rpm to compensate
    this is done usualy by to high production goeles
    cheers ian

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    Default Re: Need Info on 1943 P38, holster & clip

    allso the p38 is a very complicated pistol to manufacture
    2 return spings a hamer spring an rod
    also a very complicated barrel from an engenearing point ov vew
    far to many diferent tooling and machiening involved
    thats what mafe brownings designs so good
    simple and easy to make
    cheers ian

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    Default Re: Need Info on 1943 P38, holster & clip

    funny thing though
    just like the browning gp35
    with the p38 if you dont clean the barel fead slide and copper residue builds
    you will get feed stopages
    funny thing like metals wont slide with ease
    ie steal slides not well on sleal
    as copper want slide on copper
    however copper will slide on steal no probs and viceversa
    so allways on all pistols and any gun that uses full coppere jacket ammo
    if you dant clean the gun
    make sure you clean the fead slide
    dont allow copper buildup becouse you will get miss feed stopages
    ok i know inof now
    cheers ian

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    Default Re: Need Info on 1943 P38, holster & clip

    one last thing
    i would say the lack of finnish IE blueing has more to do with bad prouction than wear through use becouse the lack of blueing is very consistant all over the pistol usual lack of blue is where it is handled ie the back of the slid edue to cocking and the end of the barrel from handeling
    cher again ian

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    Default Re: Need Info on 1943 P38, holster & clip

    Thanks Ian! There is so much to consider. A fellow here in the States offered me $1,200.00 for everything. He thought it in excellent shape while another thought it in 'fair' shape. Odd everyone's perception.
    Cheers, Billy

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    Default Re: Need Info on 1943 P38, holster & clip

    i personaly think
    becouse its a late war manufacture and made fast ,without care
    it is special ,,,,most peapol want perfect examples
    i think this is a perfect example for its year
    it shows how fast production over ruled quality
    i think it is a great example of its ilk
    cheers ian
    i would be proud to own it
    but i cant UK gun rules

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    Default Re: Need Info on 1943 P38, holster & clip

    Billy, I just now saw these postings, and if a man in the states offered you $1,200.00 for it, I would talk to him! By the serial number, it is a late 1944 production and with the holster, I think the man is making a good offer! Good luck! Don Liller

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