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Need parts for a BSA SMLE No 1 Mk III

Article about: Picked it up at a gun show on a table marked "Cheap Guns." The stock was cut down to the middle of the forestock and the rest removed with the exception of the sights. The barrel l

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    Will you post some pics for us.

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    Will do - I'll post some pics of the DP and more of my restoration gun, too. I haven't touched it to start cleaning it up, yet. Figured I'd wait to get everything together and then begin.

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    Sorry I haven't had time to get any pics up yet - DP rifle arrived late and I had to go out so I didn't have time to upload them.

    The good news - DP arrived. Then it was mixed emtions. It turned out to be a near-matching 1915 BSA Mk III. I sure wish that it had not become a DP rifle!

    Also, for those who might want to try this route for a restoration there are dome downsides. I was unaware that many of the parts were stamped "DP". Most of the metal and even the wood carry the stamps. Also, the metal seems to have been coated with black paint - a very thin coat. I'll try to remove the paint on the parts I need for the restoration and steam out the DP stamps in the wood as best I can.

    On the good side, I used nail polish remover a rag and a small toothbrush followed by a little steel wool to get the paint off - seems to be working well.

    Busy day again - more to follow!

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    Yes-when it's DP everything gets marked, even when they're not parts that are structural for the operation of the rifle. Most of the DPs are in poor condition as it's the last stage of their military life-many armies these days use resin plastic/metal copies of the current weapons for running obstacle courses etc. to reduce wear 'n tear-no vast stores of old unserviceable rifles these days!

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    I haven't looked down the barrel of the DP, yet, but it is the original N marked barrel. Receiver, barrel and bolt match. Am I right to assume that the stock is a replacement even though the SN is stamped on the bottom at the upper end of the forestock? The cut off slot in the receiver is not visible until you remove the stock.

    I only needed a few metal parts - mostly screws, springs and the stock - so I can work with this. I'll probably still look for a BSA band since I won't be able to get the DP stamp out of it.

    Also, the butt disc hole was filled. I am going to try to drill out the two tap holes and see if I can get enough torque by twisting it to break it loose. Anyone ever done this?

    Also, as far as the use of a DP in the US, this is import marked now so the receiver has a new import # as well as the importer's name. Ugly.

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    To get the wood out of the butt stock hole, I use a wood chisel to break the wood up along the grain. The hole is only about 3mm deep with a central hole so drilling is ok but if the drill bites, it will soon go to deep. Its alot easier than you think, after 70 years the glue is usually crap.

    According to Peter Laidler, they made DP rifles from downgraded components and where a downgraded component was not available, they would fit a new item to a servicable weapon and use the 'Used' but servicable component to fit on the DP rifles.

    I've found on my DP Brens that its the DPs that have the original parts missing from servicable guns. Your 1915 DP probably has alot of original features missing from servicable rifles from the same period. My 1916 Enfield is in as new condition but all the parts are later. I also have a 1908 DP rifle but it has all original parts, looks tatty, but everything is correct for the year.

    The stock maybe original as I think it was 1915 that the Mk3* was issued and I believe that many Mk3 bodies were built into Mk3 during the change over.

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    m3bobby - thanks for the advice on the disc hole plug. I cracked it with a chisel and it popped out in several pieces - still had the wooden pins left and the snapped off easily. Now I have to find an appropriate butt disc. I have been able to remove the vast majority of the paint - jusy some very small traces where it went deep into the grain of the wood. I may or may not try to get it out - might just see what it looks like after a few coats of BLO. Tomorrow I will try to steam out the DP stampings on the stock pieces.

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    If you look on ebay, there are some 'New old stock' stock discs, I've bought a few of the tarnished type and fitted it without cleaning because it fitted in with my wood better. There are some new looking disc but I'm unsure if there new production or new old stock too.

    If you want one with some markings then they tend to be a little more for some reason, but it may not quite fit in with your rifle i.e. regimental markings which would indicate use before the production of your rifle etc.

    Show us the results when your done.

    ATB, Chris.

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