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New EU Deactivation Regulations Approved

Article about: The First Part of the new EU Legislation on Deactivated guns has been passed and becomes effective on 8 April 2016 . This is a link

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    Quote by HARRY THE MOLE View Post
    Very clever the way it has been done!
    Agreed. The fiasco over the handgun ban cost the Government far more than anticipated- and those weapons were (supposedly) licensed. Any ban on deacts (with no-one having any idea as to how many are out there) could lead to open-ended compensation. So they've come up with a clever wheeze which will drive any trading under-the-counter.

    Still, I shall sleep safely in my bed knowing that terrorists will only be able to use airguns......

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    Quote by Martin Bull View Post
    Still, I shall sleep safely in my bed knowing that terrorists will only be able to use airguns......
    Only for the time being... On another note, in the discussions on the new deactivated laws being held on the 'Great War' forum, someone mentions that there is a second part to the law which is due to be ratified in June. This concerns the banning of the ownership of machine-guns - even if deactivated. So the worst may be yet to come if they are correct!
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    Great War Forum

    This forum ?
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    I have been following the EU debates and proposals in detail and watching them online. The proposal put forward at the end of last year does indeed propose an outright ban on the ownership of deactivated machine guns (HMG, SMG, LMG and assault rifles). It is receiving mixed support, as various committees have been asked to report on it. the EU LIBE committee has supported the proposal (although their incompetent report released yesterday contradicts itself on this point) but it is thought the IMCO committee chaired by British MEP Vicky Ford will recommend against a ban. The LIBE committee also wants to impose restrictions on the ownership of magazines.

    The staggering ineptitude and pointlessness of this whole process has left me feeling quiet depressed. European gun-owners (deactivated or otherwise) appear to be quiet naked in the face of such gratuitous trampelling on our feeedoms. The EU (and indeed our own Governments) can do almost whatever they like when it comes to firearms legislation. The only possible protection I think we may have is the collossal cost of banning these guns, both through compensation claims and inevitable prosecutions. Hopefully, this will be the decisive factor.

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    Send your deacts over here to Canada and the states, we can keep them safe for you...

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    it's not possible because the parcels are controlled with X-ray.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Quote by lebus12 View Post
    it's not possible because the parcels are controlled with X-ray.
    surely there must be some way to export deacts?

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    In this time, there is discussion on the French Forums about this law. How to place weapons, with what kind of paper, proof...
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Sounds like a royal pain in the a** to me for guns that are already deacts. All they are doing is trying to get collectors to say the heck with it and have them destroyed. As I said they can't solve the rel problem so the innocent must pay to make the rulers look good. A real shame.

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    If you "sell" an old spec, ... it will be the sellers responsibility before sale, to send (At the owners cost) the weapon to Birmingham proof house to bring the "old spec" up to the present spec.
    How the law will deal with "out there" old specs, ... is probably the next step.
    A time limit to register item with full old spec details .... or get caught ..... item destroyed, ... and owner heavily fined .. or jailed.

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