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New EU Deactivation Regulations Approved

Article about: The First Part of the new EU Legislation on Deactivated guns has been passed and becomes effective on 8 April 2016 . This is a link

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    Just a thought guys, if we in the UK decide to leave the EU on the 23rd June referendum, what then to the new regulations. Collectors will still not be able to take their guns to Europe, but they will not be butchered and what of any being sold to a UK collector from Europe, will it have to match EU or UK standards.

    Just my quick thoughts after reading the above.

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    Ah good question.

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    As I understand, if the UK decides to leave the EU it will take two years to wind the process up. So any laws passed in that period would apply in the UK.


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    Sigh. EU has truly gone to shit.

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    As an addition to my prior post-One thing I will say is that I'm often surprised at how many in the US Hunting and pro 2nd Amendment community are ignorant regarding the assault on gun rights in the US on the State and National level. Often times when I have discussed this with other hunters or gun enthusiasts I've found that they are not even registered to vote or neglect to vote in national or state elections. In short if you are in that group and don't vote you have no right to complaint when these rights are lost!!

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    Hit the nail on the head sargetom. Too many gun owners are not supporting the NRA or a state group supporting gun owners. I might add the time to be beefing up the NRA and NRA-ILA is NOW due to the fact you know who may get in and we will have the fight of our lives on.

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    Totally agree mauser9! I live in New York State where gun rights are particularly under fire yet as I've said I'm surprised at the ignorance at times!!

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    It seems continuing confusion over this new eu regulation many dealers have removed them from sale but many including traders at an arms fair this weekend were business as usual, I was told by one that not all eu member states had agreed to it also there is no revised spec set for the uk yet which could still take a few weeks and also nothing set out to enforce it, so it's still anybody's guess as to what the facts really are and the final outcome may be..

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    one colleague saw a weapon dea in Belgium with a large marking : EU BE 2016, 30 mm long on one US M1, very bad after the dea working.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    And now ? In France we have the new prices for dea the weapons, and in your countries ?
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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