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New EU Deactivation Regulations Approved

Article about: The First Part of the new EU Legislation on Deactivated guns has been passed and becomes effective on 8 April 2016 . This is a link

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    Lol. The EU regulations make me laugh I am not gonna say more

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    This wasen't what I wanted to find (out)....

    I recently came across an untampered & very rare pistol from WWII that I hoped could be registred and sold to someone who collects WWII-memorbilia/weapons WITHOUT it has to be "destroyed" first.
    This old man (current owner) who required it from his father only request is that it will stay in original order and has given me the task to try make this happen before he dies but it surely looks difficult to accomplish.

    I thought that new regulations would make it easier not harder, man am I stupied!

    -How does someone like me do when something like this (old weapons) surfaces from the depths of before? Would prefher that this museum-object (really, it's extremly rare and close to mint condition) stay untampered, isn't there there some sort of licens one could get? like collector-licens of some sort?
    Like hunters must possess to own hunting rifles...
    Pardon my poor grammics & spelling, kind of new to use english forums and school was really long ago..

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