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No 5 MK1 "Jungle Carbine"

Article about: by sawman Hi sitges, Nice Jungle Carbine. I would'nt mind having one to go alongside my SMLE. M14 is right about the M95's recoil. The last time I fired mine it was pretty rough on my should

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    Don't get me wrong...I don't love the recoil but it is not as bad as others. Ha. That little Steyr M95 is a serious thumper. It never gets fired anymore. One of these days I will reload some lighter loads for it just to make it more manageable. All of my 8x56R is leftover Nazi marked stuff. But I have never fired the Jungle Carbine from the bench, so maybe that would change my mind about the recoil?
    when the british army fit a rubber butt pad to a service rifle its gonna kick!. i used to have one and if not held properly you would certainly know about it.!i have fired worse though. also the muzzle flash was something to behold if fired during poor light conditions. cheers, mike

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    Good point Mike, I'm sure that raised production costs. I have not had the opportunity to fire mine at night, so that's one for my bucket list.

    Take care,

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    Hello Sitges1990-I was looking at this old thread-I notice your Jungle carbine is stamped with the US importation mark 'ENGLAND'-this means it was commercially imported after the war-as you said at the beginning of the thread the exact story of the rifle has been lost but it was not a bring back-I have one myself with the bayo, sling, pull through and plastic oil bottle (issued as cheaper and lighter than the old brass one).

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    I have that bayonet and just realize if it was made in 1945...

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    Next up for me is finding a bayonet for my No.5!
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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