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No2 MIV* ?

Article about: I've been looking for one of these for a few years now, when I had the money, none were to be found, when I was broke they were all over the place, this weekend they all connected. The rifle

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    Default No2 MIV* ?

    I've been looking for one of these for a few years now, when I had the money, none were to be found, when I was broke they were all over the place, this weekend they all connected.

    The rifle was made by BSA in 1918, but it has no other markings on it for a conversion. I've read that not many markings were used on units converted during ww2, but also that there were alot of .22 No2 bolt heads and barrels sold as surplus. It does bear an importers mark, so it came into the US after 1968, and the stamp says No2 MkIV. All serial numbers are matching on the rifle, the number on the reciever was added after something had been ground off.

    Do you think this was put together after the war? or could it have been a wartime conversion?

    No2 MIV* ?No2 MIV* ?
    No2 MIV* ?No2 MIV* ?No2 MIV* ?No2 MIV* ?No2 MIV* ?No2 MIV* ?

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    Default Re: No2 MIV* ?

    My Mk2 No 4 has the crest scrubbed off and under it Sht 22
    It also has 25yrd stamped on the rear sight just over the 2 and 22 stamped on the magazine.
    Hope that helps

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    Default Re: No2 MIV* ?

    yup, that's what my book says they should have too. It says the early ones had alot of markings added like yours has. My magazine box doesn't have anything on it, so I'm thinking it was put together with the surplus parts. I'll have to do some more digging. Thank you Paul

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    Default Re: No2 MIV* ?

    I think its a put together but it may not be by anyone in the US. It could be a Parker Hale commercial conversion. There is somthing about the AM serial number that I can't remember, the AM stands for Air Ministry but it may be coincidence.

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    Default Re: No2 MIV* ?

    OK, got it, take a look at this and check out the serial number compare to yours, confirms it in my eyes that you have a very nice and original rifle!!!

    Sht. Le Mk III *22 for Air Ministry - Rimfire European Rifles

    For those that cant see the link, it shows a .22 SMLE Mk3 with serial number AM1437 (One after stinkpotpetes)

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    Default Re: No2 MIV* ?

    lol, we found the same links I'm so tempted to buy that one just to have consecutive serials lol But I did find some conflicting posts on another forum, saying that these were made for the Irish diring the 50s, after number AM 546 or so. Once my eyes stop hurting from the computer screen, I'm going to dig some more. I might have to start looking for a blue sling though Thank you for looking Paul

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    Default Re: No2 MIV* ?

    The blue slings I have on my rifles are normal slings just blanchoed blue. They came from a Air Training Corps in the 1980s. I've not seen them in a RAF armoury unfortunatly or I'd have rehomed them. When I was at Leeming in 96-99 the armoury there still had some Stirling, Bren L4 and SLR stuff as well as some L2A3 (Browning 1919a4) parts.

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    Default Re: No2 MIV* ?

    I never knew blanco came in blue as well, I see I still have a looong ways to go hehe Here's a bit more I found on these,

    1) Some number of AM rifles were made up by Parker Hale prior to April 9 of 1945. These rifles seem to have gone to the RAF, as confirmed by Capt. Peter Laidler and remained in the system until at least the mid 1980s. No list of RAF serial numbers exists, just Capt. Laidlerís recollection of about 20 of these rifles that passed through his hands.

    2) Century arms imported a quantity of these AM prefixed .22 cal conversions from Ireland in 1991. The lowest observed serial number of AM 544, the highest to date was just north of 1500. There were reports of serial numbers close to or exceeding 1600, but I have never seen any such beast.

    3) All of the Century arms AM marked .22 conversions so far examined were made on Irish serial numbered SMLE rifles. This can be confirmed by removing the rear handguard and reading the serial number on the right hand side of the barrel.

    4) Rifles with the FF mark on the underside of the wood just forward of the trigger guard have had 1950s barrel replacements or were converted to .22 cal in the 1950s. This is indicated by the 1950ís commercial proofs.

    The evidence to date indicates the century marked AM prefixed .22 conversion with a post 544 serial number are in fact from Ireland and were converted specifically for Ireland.


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