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Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

Article about: I've seen about 6 for sale in the UK, all are imported Deacs and had the weld on the take down lever grund off (I assume to bring them to UK spec and to be uk proofed). prices have varied fr

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    Default Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

    What do you guys think about this "Norwegian Kongsberg KV M-1914 kaliber 11,25 m.m Colt"
    Prodused in 1941.
    I doubt I can get a closeup on the numbers etc..
    I'll have to have a colt and a M1 Garand in my collection now :P

    Thank you!

    Norwegian Kongsberg Colt Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

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    Default Re: Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

    Nobody have anything to add? :P

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    Default Re: Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

    Nice. Interesting pistol - it looks to be a version of the earlier '1911' model,
    as opposed to the '1911A1'. The only noticeable distinction being
    the slide release.........


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    Default Re: Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

    It's not cheap though :S

    Btw, It's deactivated, not that I have any problems with that, yet...

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    Default Re: Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

    I cannot get over how much Deac's can cost. Essentially, the gun
    is rendered useless, so the price should be far less than
    a working firearm, IMO.........!


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    Default Re: Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

    It looks good to me, a nice wartime produced Kongsberg Colt, how much is the price?
    Best Regards

    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from 38. Batterie, Heeres Küsten Artillerie Regiment 977, also from 31, 32 and 36. Batterie.

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    Default Re: Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

    Very nice Kongsberg M-1914, Normandie...I love these wepons, and i can appreciate a collectable Kongsberg Colt even though deactivated, 'cause we live in Europe with all that strict laws regarding weapons...Very nice indeed and it must have cost you a fortune...
    Best regards, Thanos.

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    Default Re: Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

    Walkwolf, I will try to tell you my point of view on deac weapons.
    In Norway, the cost of a Mauser K98 (7.62) costs around $300 as a deactivated one, a fully working K98 (7.62) costs about $80-100.
    The reason for that, is that a lot more people in Norway are allowed to own a deactivated weapon, so a bigger market.
    Those of us who have sertificate etc.. for firearms would have to pay less due to the fact that there are fewer people haveing the sertificate.
    And I think you have to pay a few bucks to get that sertificate :P

    I'm going to get myself a hunting rifle, but I'll wait until I get a better job, more cash, more fun!

    - - Updated - -

    And you, since you asked about the price..
    Price: about $600

    I just need this colt, a m1 garand and a gold wounded badge, and I'll stay away from buying for a while (Not!)

    Have a good one boys!

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    Default Re: Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

    Nice Kongsberg! They actually were produced under the 1911 license with some enhancement. In occupation period the loop for lanyard was added.

    I have seen only one deact for sale here in UK. You don't wanna know how much the dealer is asking. even tho it's from the last production with WaA

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    Default Re: Norwegian Kongsberg Colt

    So, I did an O.K deal, It's probebly live fire to in UK?

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