I agree with you gentlemen, this is a Ruby type pistol in 7.65mm of Spanish make. Thousands upon thousands (709,775) were bought by the French, after the adoption of the weapon in May 1915, desperately seeking among others, handguns for WWI. Maybe it hasn't gone through the French armourers as the so-called "French rivet" doesn't exist, above triger on slide. Many thousands were supplied by France to her ally Greece for WWI operations. The Rubys in Greek hands survived in small numbers from the Asia Minor expedition (1920-1922) to fight eventually in the outbreak of WWII (Greek battles in Albania).
Many years ago i had encountered one in excelent cond. in a retired Army General officer. He was desperately seeking 7.65mm ammo for it, and as i recall it was a Martin Bascaran (MB) "Martian" weapon with wooden grips.