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Old MG34 pics.

Article about: My daughter bought me an old German photo album - the majority of the pics are Maxim machineguns, but there was a pic of an MG34 in AA mode, as well as two pics of MG34's at the shooting ran

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    Hi Severin,

    Your eyes must be better than mine - I zoomed in with my cell and took another pic for you.

    I cannot make out anything beyond it being a milled cover -

    Here is another water-cooled shot in full AA config - again these are tiny photos.
    But it does look a little like a Maxim assault drum, but probably isn't.
    Also looks like some kind of shoulder brace, which is interesting.


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    Yes as mentioned, the milled top-cover is there, really like that picture of the 34 in AA mode.

    Once again fantastics pictures shown here Pit!
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    That is a awesome photo album !!! I would love to have some one translate the cover of the album. perhaps the esteemed lifetime member HPL2000 might see this.I think it would be rather interesting.... I did search a little and I discovered.It appears to be a christmas one,and of interest 1939 was the first "war christmas" -

    I love the pics!!

    Rather neat read -Kriegsweihnachten 1939-

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    Please, it would be great to know what it said translated.

    Typically bad eyesight on my part -
    I went back and looked at the first Maxim pic - not only is there an "assault" drum on the gun but you can also see the stock against the soldiers shoulder - I am going to look into pics of this device.
    Here is a link to several other pics (not mine) of the MG08 maxim in inter-war AA configuration - with the stock in some pics, still no clear pics of the stock - how interesting.
    The MG08 - Inter war version



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    Hey Pit,
    You think your eyesight's bad!!!
    Having looked again their is nothing out the ordinary here, having said that doesn't take away the facts that they are great pictures, and it is a good early Mg34.
    Off to get my eyes Tested!!!

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    Default Re: Old MG34 pics.

    Now to end this thread on a more light hearted pic from the same album.
    There were some lose photos in the back, along with a wartime german penny.
    and then a 1947 dated Drucksache - passau stadt - I presume some sort of post war pass.

    Old MG34 pics.

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