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Old percussion musket

Article about: hi, as said in my other post on the pocket pistol i was offered an old musket, so i thought i would have it as a project to do up. I got this today it is in a bit of a state as someone many

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    With the lock configuration, how the stock looks to step down at each barrel band, I think this is an 1853 pattern 3 band Enfield. Or it started life that way. It looks a lot like the rifled muskets used in the American Civil War. There was no bayonet attachment, it used a socket bayonet that locked on the front sight. Here's a link to one that wasn't used quite as hard as yours. If you have a magnifying glass and some time, maybe there might be some faint markings left to find.

    Three Band Enfield Musket - Live Firearms and Shotguns

    The socket for the bayonet looked like this

    Old percussion musket

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    Quote by zwerge View Post
    Hi Guy,here`s the book,it covers all countries from 1870,but some of the proofs shown are a lot older as marked with dates......Pete. They are not photos but drawings of the proofs.
    Good post zwerge and an excellent reference. But as you suggest, the gun predates 1870 though most proofmarks for muzzle loading arms predate 1870 and slight variations continue in use to this day.

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    It does show older proofs too than 1870...Pete.

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    Hi guy,s
    thanks for all the info you have given im well pleased to have leaned a bit more about this old musket, i am looking forward to stripping it tomorrow all being well. Thanks for the tip,s guy, long time since i spoke to you on here, hope all,s well with you and the family. Very interesting to from stinkpotpete, i look forward to the end I.D, of this old girl, and having it all cleaned up i know it isnt worth much at all but to get it back to somewhere like it will preserve it for a while.

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    Hello Pete,
    Thanks very much for your reply. The book is just what I need so I'll be ordering a copy very soon.

    Dave sorry to break into your thread, I hope your health is good, I'm slowly acclimatising to the leg amputation, I can get about more now as my dear old Mum has bought me a wonderful electric 'Kripple Kart'!

    Best wishes to you both,

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    Hi Guys -

    It clearly doesn't apply to this old Enfield style rifle as the markings are obviously of another era - probably 1887, right?

    But, should anyone run across older firearms, weapons, etc., around the LA area, that are marked HPR - there is a good chance it was once one of the Hand Prop Room, prop rental items.

    Navyman - sorry to hear about your leg - hope you get your head around it as best you can - I have worked with a few amputees here who have done incredible things with their lives, inspiring.
    Casey Pieretti | Speaker Profile and Speaking Topics
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    ..I know my ZOOM doesn't work that well and maybe it time for glasses but am I missing some pics here? I haven't seen any proof marks....Are there any marking on the lock plate????
    Semper Fi

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    Hi guys,
    Well i went through the web and looked at old enfield muskets yesterday evening i did notice that there are some without any markings on the side plate but most have them. I stripped the gun today ready to find any markings to identify it, but was well p----d off to find some doughnut has filed the marking off under the barrel. This type of thing makes me angry as there is not need to distroy evidence of makers or history, never mind i will have the live with it as it is, and restore it to the best i can. So thanks for all the help you guys have given me on this,

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