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p38 ac -43

Article about: Very nice P.38, Pammy! Thanks for showing. Regards

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    Very nice P.38, Pammy! Thanks for showing.


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    thanks guys ! tom,i realy like the one on the left as the other ones looks to bulky/big looking to me .thanks just my taste/opinion iam hopeing to pick one up at the next auction.iam sure one will show up its a mater if i can make it everyweek?oh,i been searching the net and trying to find out what these go for price wize and i saw one for sale with an import make x on it and they wanted $1,300 or close to that .i thought the import mark brings the value down?ok,maybe not i guess bettween $400 and $600 is a good price for one in my condition as the real minty ones are $1,300 and up..thanks again and anyone know that a v means on a p38 magazine?p38 v thats how it looks on mine..

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    p38 ac -43
    Pammy a holster is probably around $600 with a bunch of people bidding at a well publicized auction. I have a CVQ Spreewerk that came with the larger holster Tom posted on the right. The early holsters are bulkey because they were made to seal out any dirt and dust that caused the P-08 or P-38 to jam. In the new Shotgun News treasury issue there is a great article about P-38s and they picture a few holsters and label them early or late. You should try and find one to match the date (easy for me to say because I'm not the one looking for it haha!). If you can't find the magazine at a book store let me know and I'll scan you the article if you want and email it to you. Also did your mag happen to have any markings or dates? I included a photo with all the magazine variations. I'll go home tonight and take some pictures of my 38 to share.

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    Quote by Martin Bull View Post
    Your ammo manufacturers are : -

    dnh : Rheinische - Westfalische Sprengstoff AG, Durlach bei Karlsruhe
    oxo : Teuto Metallwerke, Osnabruck

    Both were well-known German SAA manufacturers.

    St is steel, the + refers to the lacquering of the case.
    Thanks Martin I will head home and post the codes on the shell I'm questioning. May I ask where you found that information?

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    You can find the info in various places ( including online ) but for quick reference I use the book 'Guns Of The Reich - Firearms Of The German Forces 1939-1945' by 'George Markham' ( aka John Walter ) published by A&AP in 1989.It has a good - but not 100% comprehensive - listing of manufacturer codes as an Appendix.

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