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Panzerfaust help

Article about: An example of the color-charade mentioned above: two Volkssturm men (of course an elderly gent and a youngish pup in the same foxhole) manning a position in Ratibor, Silesia. Although the wa

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    The propellant for the Panzerfaust 60 consisted of 134 g (4.7 oz) of black powder, which was contained in a small cardboard tube.
    Caution was to be paid to the backblast of the weapon, it created an explosion blast of two to three meters ( 6.5 - 10 ft.) behind the tube.

    Therefore on many Panzerfausts, especially the early Panzerfaust 30 m, a warning in large red letters printed on the upper rear part of the tube advised to stay clear:
    Achtung! Feuerstrahl! ("Beware ! Fire Jet !").

    I am sure your propellant is long gone, it looks like a nice example for your collection - I have a couple of replica ones - I'd like one of these relics though.

    Well done,


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    Thanks for input Pitfighter. It was quite a weapon for the time. Too bad the range for it was not greater. Glad you mentioned replicas I would like to add to my book case memorabilia of helmets, and die cast tanks. Quite a conversation piece.

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    As I already written in responce to your question at wehrmacht-awards this is NOT a Pzf 60 but Pzf 100, or what left of it rather. As much as I respect your expertise Adrian Stevenson, the Pzf 60 had a different (perpendicular) sheet metal retainer for the warhead, whereas this one clearly shows longitudinal retainer. The warhead is in dire need of stabilizing fins, of which just nails reamined - the details were in the wehrmacht-awards post. As a denizen of over-the-iron-curtain part of Europe, where such contraptions still littered the forests at one time, I had fairly much to do with Pzf, and had in my collection most common models (30kl, 30gr, 60M and 100M - the 150s were unheard of in my neck of woods), including a Pzf100 like yours (but in MUCH better condition, ca. 80% sand-yellow paint on the tube with dark-green warhead showing rusty remnants of the instruction decal), which precipitated a close encounter of the 3rd kind with the powers-that-be which terminated my first militaria collection back there in 1980s :-)

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    Sounds like you had some adventures collecting, Visniewski!

    Please post pics - love looking at these relics - we detect here, but, it's bottle caps and old tools, mainly.
    Love to find relics from the battle of the Angelinos, except Universal Studios now sits on that location, lol.


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    Sorry, nothing left of the former glory, ever since that brush with reality I reverted to collecting mostly paper things, and collecting Rico's stuff (= things that go KA-BOOM) goes out of fashion farther and farther by the hour in these crazy GWT times. Oh - BTW: anyone wants to see Pzf or RPzB 54 manuals? I got several of these left over, earlier edition for 30kl/30gr and 60M, then a 60M edition and 100M leaflet?

    And the photo shown below would probably illustrate the fate of my first collection But it also shows the longitudinal retaining clip I mentioned above in relation to the "Panzerfaust 100 m" instruction decal pasted on the warhead. What a terrible waste!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Panzerfaust help  

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    Can anybody explain what happened to my yesterday's post with answer to pitfighter and Pzf photo? It somehow disappeared into thin air...

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    Anyway, anyone wants to see Panzerfaust manuals?

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    Yup! Go for it!

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    OK, got it if you want it. Here goes Pzf 100 m, the one that the originator of the thread wants to restore.

    The manual is a two-sided leaflet, scanned as is, i.e. first scan are pages 1 & 4, while the other is the rest, or pp. 2 & 3.

    BTW the photo from yesterday (of the missing post) showing probable fate of my collection after the bust in 1984 (of all possible years to get busted!).
    Anyway, these are Pzf 100 m as well, identifiable by the longitudinal fastening clip (notable in thread originator's posted photos) and an instruction sticker headed by a "Panzerfaust 100 m" legend. Other than that the sight ladder's major window should be marked 100 - but as other photos would show, the 60 m sight ladder was also used, and I have seen many original Pzf 100m with a 60m ladder. No mystery here: the two were identical, just the propelling charge was doubled (again) to change the trajectory, while the only difference between the sights was in numerals struck along the windows.

    If that post makes it to the thread, other would follow. Are there anywhere rules concerning the size of the attachment? Maybe the photo was too big to get thru? Let's see.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Panzerfaust help   Panzerfaust help  

    Panzerfaust help  

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    Thanks for the scans. I have the same leaflet in my collection, shown somewhere on the forum in the dim and distant past....

    Cheers, Ade.
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