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Panzerfaust help

Article about: An example of the color-charade mentioned above: two Volkssturm men (of course an elderly gent and a youngish pup in the same foxhole) manning a position in Ratibor, Silesia. Although the wa

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    Very interesting thread and well written , you can see where the Russians got the idea for the RPG from when you look at the Pzf 250

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    Well, while the Soviets did nick many German inventions (and they were not alone in this business - just remember who shot Armstrong and Aldrin to the Moon and google 'Republic-Ford JB-2 Loon', America's first submarine-launched guided missile: if you see the shape, you'd know instantly where they have took it from), there is no immediate relation between the Pzf 250 and RPG-2.

    The Soviets were already working on the multiple-use recoilless launcher similar to the Pzf 250 concept since mid-1944. Georgiy P. Lominsky has created such a weapon, called the LPG-44, firing a PG-70 warhead of 70 mm caliber, from a 1 meter long, 30 mm inner diameter muzzle-loading launching tube with hammer firing mechanism and pistol grip. This weapon was in early 1945 accepted for mass-production as RPG-1 launcher with PG-1V round, but none were manufactured before the end of the war. Although never officially introduced into the inventory of the Soviet Army, the RPG-1 was still developed until 1948. Captured Pzf 250 prototypes suggested a trick or two to overcome the problems abounding in the RPG-1, but contrary to a popular myth, it was definitely not a copy of any German design. Nevertheless, it took a new model, built from the scratch, to overcome the deficiencies of the RPG-1. This task was given to the GSKB-30, the design bureau of the... Ministry of Agriculture! In 1947 Arkady V. Smolyakov came up with a new weapon, initially designated the DRG-40, firing the PG-80 round – introduced into the Soviet Army’s inventory in 1948 as respectively RPG-2 and PG-2V. The resulting weapon, although clearly inspired by the German designs, was not a copy, but a highly improved original model, simpler to manufacture and use, lighter (2.85 kg launcher plus 1.85 kg round vs. 7.5 kg of the Pzf 250) but of shorter aimed fire range (just 100 m), smaller caliber (80 mm warhead) and capable of piercing just 200 mm of armor. A decade later the pure recoilless RPG-2 was phased out by the much improved and now world-famous RPG-7 – the first in the RPG series to actually use the rocket propelled grenades. And RPG-7 is a completely different platform to both Pzf 250 and RPG-2. It is a staged-propulsion launcher, merging recoilless starting load which merely pops the main projectile out of the launcher tube with the rocket-propelled warhead. Take a look at the picture below I've taken while at firing range with the Polish airborne, who still use the RPG-7 as their "personal artillery".
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    I have a empty panzerfaust tube but is it for PzFaust 60 or for PzFaust 100? Diameter is 5cm.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Panzerfaust help   Panzerfaust help  

    Panzerfaust help   Panzerfaust help  

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    It's a Pzf 60m - take a look at the photo on page 4 with the Berlin Volkssturm, armed with Pzf 100 m - and the position of the screw in the bottom fastening the black powder load. In your it is oposite the primer, which is a correct position for Pzf 60 m, while the screw position for Pzf 100 is like 4 in (10 cm) further down the tube.

    Have a nice day!

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