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Percussion Muff pistol set cased .44 cal.

Article about: This is a so called Muff pistol set, also called travelling pistol or " reise pistole" Muffs are handwarmers mostly used on coaches. Cocking it makes the trigger comes out of the p

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    Very good set you have there!
    Also pretty common for single shot pistols to have spring loaded folding bayonets fitted for the same reason-you only get one shot and that at very short range, and only if it actually goes off!
    Smaller ladies guns were made for 'muff' use to the end of the 19th century as the muff was still an accessory for street wear in cities.

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    a very nice matched and boxed set. great find. --PS Ger finger

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    Very nice set Ger!

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    Thank you Gents for the nice words! Appreciated

    Harry.....go easy on yourself LOL

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    Quote by vwbug1971 View Post
    The guys who do the appraising on TV shows like "The Pawn Stars", would one of them be a reliable source for information, I wonder. They seem to know so much about a truly wide range of handguns and rifles.
    The guy that does firearms appraisal on pawn stars ( craig gottlieb) is a known crook and deals in Nazi stuff not guns.
    None of the reality show programs are real and they grab values out of the air.
    I watched one of the southern editions of pawn stars out of Louisiana where a guy brought in a lodge helmet circa 1920 and their arms and amour "expert" declared it a Norman helmet from the 11th century and appraised it for $1200.00

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    Beautiful set of percussion pistols. The engraving and carvings are just excellent. Those proof marks very hard to make out even if I magnify them.
    That would look awesome in anybodies collection. Congrat's!!!

    Semper Fi

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    Very neat pieces of firearm history. I'm curious to know if these feel "solid" when held... even the trigger mech? They seem very well built. Never had the pleasure holding a firearm this old. Thanks for posting them

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    Bill they feel pretty solid in hand as they do have weight, afterall its a .44 cal.
    I will make a few pics showing it in cocked state, so you see the trigger.
    Will also add its weight and lenght so you get an idea.


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    A great looking set of pistols.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Great set indeed!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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