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Philippine Guerrilla Shotgun

Article about: Enjoy this 12 Ga. Philippine Guerrilla Shotgun.. Made of a piece of water pipe.. It is slamed fired.. One can be seen beeing made in the WW2 movie with Tyrone Power AN AMERICAN GUERRILLA IN

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    The principle was the same as the .45 Liberator pistol dropped to the resistance in France, 1 shot kills the enemy so you can take his weapon. The Phillipines version however is amazing, after the fall of the islands these were made from some plumbing and spare 12 guage rounds.

    Those guys had 1 go to get a decent weapon, a fantastic and very rare relic, makes you wonder if in these days we could be so resilient, thanks for showing it.

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    one of the ex-guerrillas = made them after the war and sold them in the US - hade some info on it - Jay

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