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Pistol Discussion

Article about: Come on guys, no one considered the very collectable, hard hitting, trustworthy, plainjane M1911A1... Two WWs plus numerous conflicts were fought with the M1911... In US you can easily (if y

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    Hi folks,

    Seeing as how I am now 21, I am really looking forward to purchasing my first handgun. I want one that works for self-defense and plinking on the range, as well as something that will fit nicely into my collection. I have been checking out the Rock Island Arsenal auction catalogue, and it look like I might have a good chance of picking up a decent piece there: Search Our Online Catalog

    While I save, I am looking at my options. I really love the Mauser HSc, but the Luger is of course iconic. I figure if I am going to have just one, it might as well be a really nice one. But, I am also a huge fan of the TT-33, ViS-35, and Browning Hi-Power.

    Decisions decisions... What would you guys choose? I would love to hear from some experienced pistol collectors as well as the wishlists of people in the same boat as me.


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    IMO - you can't go wrong with a high power - it will fill all three of your requirements nicely.

    Self Defense - No problem with proper loads
    Shooting/plinking - 9mm is still affordable
    Collectable - Check

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    Absolutely-Browning HP with Tangent Sight. Even the German's were anxious to get a hold of one for themselves! Belgian made and engineered to the nines. Even modern day automatics have a tough time beating it out-after 7 decades or more. Stay away from the Mauser Hsc's...they had alot of production problems. The Polish Radom's are nice, but only the 1st Models with the shoulder slot and take down levers... Takarov's? nah...mass produced junk...

    (Of course...if you Really want to perk people up, pick up a Finnish Lahti 9mm...! lol)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Pistol Discussion

    The HP was truly the first "Wonder Nine" and set the standard.

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    Default Re: Pistol Discussion

    Only just the one?? Ah huh, ok hehe For a first pistol and everything you want to use it for, I'd have to agree with the others and say the HP. Are you going to get a CCW, open carry it, or just for in the home? You should consider the wear and tear of every day use if it's for CCW or open carry. Cleaning it every day after carrying it, sweat doesn't go well with blued steel, and open carry, they just get dinged from normal everyday stuff. Personally I wouldn't carry a C&R for defense, mainly for the loss in value. For in the home only, I'd get a new magazine or 2, then the rest wouldn't really apply, just dust it every week.

    I've carried pistols with wooden grips on duty, and they do get worn, in and out of the car, just bumping into things as you move around. I have a CCW now and with summer here, it is more maintenance as you get sweaty during the day.

    47th MP Co/47th Inf Div 1983-1988
    583rd Ord Co 59th Ord Bde Muenster, W Germany
    Looking for P37 ammo pouch with No4 bayo frog

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    What Paul said! I would Never carry a collectable automatic. Like he said, the wear and tear on them is just unacceptable, not when there are so many perfectly fine Sig Sauers, Steyr's, Baretta's, even the CZ75,etc that will do the job just fine.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Pistol Discussion

    Browning HP for me too (If I could own one )

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: Pistol Discussion

    Hi, you Americans!!!! Lucky guys!!!
    To get a permit here, can make you crazy. After a while you have lost interest and given up.
    Papers and more papers, months and months of waiting...... personal and famility investigation......
    Even to get a deact permit is just .........about 500 euros and a lot of waiting time.

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    Browning HP for me too, carried one in a number of war zones and swear by it. Unfortunately it's been replaced with a Glock, plastic piece of crap!!!

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    I vote for the Browning HP too, a truly wonderful weapon I'm yet to handle and fire the Glock, but there's just something about a weapon made of a plastic material that I don't exactly trust.....



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