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Pistol/revolver thread

Article about: Thanks Taltom, I wish I lived in the last place god made! Do you want to share us some close-ups from your nice pistol shown in your avatar? @ Steve, For how much does a Steyr M1912 go for i

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    Some very nice pieces, thanks for showing!


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    PPK Police Eagle C.....BILL
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Pistol/revolver thread  
    Attached Images Attached Images Pistol/revolver thread 
    "As long as there are brave men and warriors the halls of Valhalla will never be silent or empty"

    In memory of my father William T. Grist December 26, 1920--September 10, 2009..
    901st. Ordnance H.A.M. North Africa, Italy, Southern France....ETO
    Also in memory of my mother Jane Kidd Grist Feb. 22, 1920-- September 27, 2009... WWll War bride May 1942...

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    interesting bill, nice nazi police ppk.

    how about this 1942 police eagle c PPK with both mags and 1942 holster %100 correct mint vet bring back. with the black grips too

    Pistol/revolver thread

    Pistol/revolver thread

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    whats interesting is when you look at bill's police you see it is a earlier high polished finish,then you can see on the one I posted,its when they went to a rougher war time finish ,later in 42 for obvious cost saving reasons. notice the,correct K suffix serial number....

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    @ Bill...Nice ppk, I like the bluing on this one. Thanks for showing it, Bill!

    @ command450...Nice set you have! Thanks for showing it.


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    Love those PPK's very nice thanks for showing them.


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    Seeing the deactivated guns makes me cringe. Thank God I get to have mine intact.

    Webley & Scott .32. Picture does not do it justice, but it does have a cracked right side stock.

    Sauer 38(H). Original stocks are in a safe place.

    Sauer 1913. I love shooting this one.

    Remington Rand w/US&S slide, original FA 1911 ammo, French ammo.

    AC43, P38 with original hard shell holster. Great shooter, beautiful condition.

    Weimar double stamp P08 (1916/1920) rebarelled and reissued for WW2.

    Type14 Nambu, 1937.

    Polish Vis P35 (Radom).

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    beutiful nambu thanks for showing is it the origianal holster


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    Very nice pistols, M14sRock! Amazing condition!
    Thanks for showing.


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    Thanks, guys.

    TallTom, it is not the original holster. I picked the holster up a few years ago. Pistol is in better shape than the holster. That particular Nambu was a gift from a friend whose dad brought it home from Tarawa. He brought/sent home a LOT of Japanese guns.

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