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Pocket pistol,

Article about: Hi, i picked this little pocket pistol up today as it,s another odd one for my collection, it is 5.3 Cal, and has the marks on the barrel 95 5.3 then a * over a G the G leads to a line over

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    Thats an interesting thought, but would a starter pistol need to be proofed? You would expect a pistol from this date to be rifled.

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    Thanks all for the replies i didnt think it was Belguim but now i know, the marks are the same as on the Browning shown. I have some .5mm rounds that i was given with a small six shot velo pistol and the rounds fit perfectly in this pistol to. It has a 95 and then 5.3 on the side of the breech thats how i thought it was the calibre but i may be wrong. either way it is really a good little pistol i like the older ones and this is vey unussual with a swivel barrel, i swopped an old Mosin Nagent bayo for it so i think i have the best of the deal. Thanks

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    I was lead to believe that 5.3mm was the European designation for .22LR in days gone by. It would probably be a tight fit, but it depends on how you take the bore measurement. In Europe it's always been measured by the 'lands' whereas in the States it's measured by the grooves. That would allow for a difference of one or two thou surely?

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    Ok, so its essentially a .22 rimfire which is a modern cartridge and explains the late date. I have learned something there, most interesting.

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    These are the rounds it takes they are .5mm and fit perfectly the pistol has some rifling but are very faint,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Pocket pistol,  

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    Nice little Derringer! The swivel barrel is a Very cool feature on these! A stupid question, I know, but being American(the first thing we always think when we see an antique gun is "Hmm...I wonder if it can still Shoot?" )...does it still function? Doubtless ammunition can no longer be obtained for it,(even if you Could, I imagine there's a good chance it would take half your hand off with it, if anyone tried firing it...) but do the trigger assembly and hammer work?

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    Hi Wagriff,
    It needs a bloody good clean but yes it functions well the hammer is a little stiff but i think with a small oiling it would be fine, i think it may take .22 rounds but the barrel has some crud in it so needs a pull through. But i would not fire .22 through in it im not sure how it would take them, I would probably just fire some blanks in it as the rounds iv shown i cant get anymore. I always look out for these older pistols and guns as they have some good history, i was shown a percussion cap musket today around 1860,s im really interested in getting it so have my fingers crossed.

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    Hi Dave,I have read that others have used .22 CB caps & they were OK.....Pete.

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    Hi Pete, thanks for that,i wasnt sure if it would take them but i could give it a go, im looking forward to cleaning this soon so another for the collection, and hoping to get the musket to.

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