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PPD-40 Questions?

Article about: 1st. Are they illegal in the US? 2nd. Are they rare? 3rd. What are they worth - active or dewat?

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    Default PPD-40 Questions?

    1st. Are they illegal in the US?

    2nd. Are they rare?

    3rd. What are they worth - active or dewat?

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    It depends on which State you live in as to whether of not you could own one live or not. A dewat example would be legal in most States. They are a very rare gun. No idea on value sorry. But any live SMG with the correct paperwork would be worth a lot of money.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: PPD-40 Questions?

    Hello-according to the 'Standard Catalogue of Military Firearms' 4th Edition you're looking at 13-17,000 USD for a shooter depending on condition (a very approx guide to price).

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    Default Re: PPD-40 Questions?

    Quote by ncblksmth1 View Post
    1st. Are they illegal in the US?

    2nd. Are they rare?

    3rd. What are they worth - active or dewat?
    1. Yes, they are legal depending on what state you live in and whether or not the gun was registered with the NFA Branch of the ATF prior to May 19th, 1986. If it was, and your state allows it, you can legally possess a machine gun. The paperwork is overwhelming at first and the approval wait times are fairly long, but it can certainly be done.

    2. Yes, they are rare. PPSh-41's don't show up very often, and when they do, they're typically chinese copies. The PPD being made in far fewer numbers is much harder to come by. I think I've seen one for sale in the past 7-8 years. Compare that to the half dozen FG42's and 2-3 MKb42(H)'s I've seen in the same timeframe.

    3. Cost is anyone's guess. I'd guess that an original, correct PPD could fetch in excess of $18,000. But again, having not seen one for sale in recent memory, I have no idea what someone would pay for one.

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    Default Re: PPD-40 Questions?

    Do you know of anybody who would want an ex dewat now torch cut PPD-40.

    I have all the parts less the firing pin assembly.

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    Default Re: PPD-40 Questions?

    Was it a legally-registered DEWAT that has been torch cut? Depending on what you want for it, I might be interested. sales at

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    Default Re: PPD-40 Questions?

    I went through BATF and an agent named Mike okayed it today. It was an unregistered Dewat and therefore I had to cut it or surrender it. I cut it. All parts are there except the firingpin assembly. The bolt was welded as well as the barrel. I have the following: Both stocks, trigger assembly, 2 parts of the mag well, bolt, barrel and barrel shroud, all associated pins, most of the reciever and the little circular thingy that allows feeding of the rounds with its associated pin.

    I am asking 3200.00

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