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Article about: Hi, I was pleased to pick this up today as iv been after one for a while now, it is in good condition but needs a clean as it,s been sitting around a while, The Ser No 1713 are all matching

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    Default Ppsh-41

    Hi Ade,
    This is the makers mark but i havent seen this one before you may know what it is, i thought perhaps the triangle was for Izhevsk but i see no arrow i could be wrong. Hope someone will know.

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    Lovely weapon Dave & a very choice.. I have 1 myself with the stick mag & drum mag..I have never fired one but on the video games I love shooting sounding like a spotter.. Cheers Terry.

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    There is some information here on the Gun Boards Forum.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ppsh-41  

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    Hi 1910,
    Thanks for the markings but it is not on theer at all im wondering if it is a double stamp on the SMG,
    the triangle is there but no arrow also a square so now im puzzled but someone will know.

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    Great looking papasha!!!!
    I got to shoot a polish made one and it was a BLAST!
    Semper Fi

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    Hi Phil,
    This is one weapon iv not fired but would to some time in my life, i bet they ae a blast to you are very lucky.

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    The square is likely to be a post-war rebuild mark and is stamped over the top of the triangle.

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