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PPsh 41

Article about: Hi all, just got this today (an early treat to myself) dated 1944 and in very good condition. Deactivated to UK new spec but top cover can be opened and the bolt can be removed. It has been

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    Thank you Comrade! I knew you would help.

    That is the mag to look for if buying one. Note the shape of the mouth, the so called "bell mouthed" shape early production. See how it flares out? I am still on the lookout for any quantity of these. So if anyone knows of any for sale, please feel free to drop me a line.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Quote by People's Army View Post
    Comrades, This is my PPSh 41 with the First Year of Production Magazine .

    Any chance of a close up of the magazine?


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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hi Mat, welcome to the forum.

    I think you will find Ben has made a typo. The reciever is not cut, but the BOLT is

    As you have msot likely read, I am a big fan of Soviet weapons. You cannot go wrong on a TT33 or a PPS.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Thanks! That seems to make more sense to me now, haha.
    So, if the bolt is cut, does this simply mean that it is no longer attached to other working parts in the gun? To put it easier, I'm just trying to find out if you can tell that the gun has been deactivated by just looking at it on the outside. If I didn't ask these questions, it wouldn't make a difference in my ignorance as I wouldn't know better, but I'm somewhat of a perfectionist.

    And Ade, I definitely share your love of Soviet weapons. I collect weapons and militaria in general, but most that I come like in particular usually turn out to be Russian. From gas masks to grenades, they do it so well!

    Would you yourself have ever ordered from ryton? I'm curious to know whether the pistols have removable magazines and working slides.

    I'm just trying learn what I can on the subject. sorry for these endless questions!


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    Hi Mat, I have dealt with Tony Budge who owns Ryton Arms many many times. I would recommend him wholeheartedly! First class dealer.

    Externally most weapons will not show the deactivation work. The way the work has been done to Ben's PPSh41 is to cut the bolt in half, then weld the front face to the reciever.

    The TT33's have a working slide and a removable magazine.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    I have purchased once before from RytonArms, and I was very impressed with them. If suprises me that these weapons have moving parts, especially with the Tokarevs having moving slides! I just presumed the whole thing would be welded unless otherwise stated on the site, as my Russian-made AKM I ordered came like this. I do love it though, and was given a bayonet for it yesterday as a christmas present. It looks very nice!
    Thanks very much for your help Ade, much appreciated. I shall be definitely getting a Tokarev within the next month, I'll post pictures when I do! I like this site already.


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    Just to ensure you understand the way the current deact laws work in the UK.

    Only assualt rifles, semi auto rifles and SMG's have to have welded up bolts etc. All others can have mving part no problem. One loop hole in the law will allow any weapon fitted with a bipod to be exempt from this.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Ah right, thanks for that! That bipod loophole is just plain odd. How strange!
    So, being that SMGs are included in the list of weapons which must be welded up, I guess that explains why the bolt had to be cut into two to allow it to move? Technically, it no longer functions, yet it can still be 'cocked'?


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    Yes, that is correct

    Initially, SMG bolts were totally welded in place making them non moving.

    However, knowing how collectors like to have some moving parts, the Proof House which examines theses weapons and passes them as deactivated were willing to accept a small compromise: cut the bolt in half and weld the front part only in place. The front part is also extensively modified before welding too. Not all dealers bother to do this. Some will just weld the whole thing up.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    I wonder why this wasn't done on the AK? They are all inspected by the same Proof House I believe, but perhaps the mechanism works in a different way making this modification impossible on such a gun. It's good to know that this is done where possible though, it shows consideration is taken of collectors' interests. I'm quite suprised RytonArms doesn't advertise these features on their site, I'm sure it would benefit sales!


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