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Ppsh 41 de act. Uk

Article about: Hello gents, lovely sunny day so thought ild take a few pics of a recent addition and try to figure a new internet phone toy at the same time. Still cant ring anyone on the blasted thing but

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    This page here will explain how the deactivation of weapons is carried out:

    Privacy - DWSUK Online Store

    Hopefully it helps



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    In what way isnt it de-activated ?

    Smgs deactivated in the uk post 1995 generally have every moving part welded, breech blocks ground away, moving parts removed,trigger mechanisms ground welded or removed, barrels have a slot ground in and a rod welded in place. The ppsh here is one of the few smg types to still retain a moving slide and breech block, if you look at the overhead pic you may see that the front third of the b b is welded into the breech/reciever. The cocking handle can be slid forward and backwards though the trigger moves it does not release or fire the action. . Not that it has an action. It can be "broken" still also. Hope this helps answer. Best regards. Reg

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    Look at this website for de-activated guns

    Dekowaffen - Handel Türk - Dekowaffen


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