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PPSh 41 Spagin - stock question

Article about: Hello, I recently acquired a 1945 made PPsh 41 which has a very very very dark brown stock (please see the attached picture). The stock for certain was not "upgraded" by some do-it

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    Default PPSh 41 Spagin - stock question


    I recently acquired a 1945 made PPsh 41 which has a very very very dark brown stock (please see the attached picture). The stock for certain was not "upgraded" by some do-it-yourself idiot. It was bought directly from a company which converts WW2 originals to semi-auto fire so that they could be sold to public.

    I was told by the previous owner that he could choose among dozens of PPShs offered by this company - all of them had the typical stock, only this one was dark brown. It had the best barrel so he choose it. All of these guns are used WW2 originals (maybe somehow refitted post-war) bought in bulk from former military users (I am not sure whether directly from Russia, but I guess so). Certainly this company would not bother upgrading/changing only one stock among dozens or even hundreds others it changed to semi-auto. I guess it must have acquired it as it is.

    Does anyone have any idea why this stock is so different from the ones we see usually?

    Any information on wood type and color on Spagins is welcome!


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    I'm guessing someone stripped the original Russian varnish, and stained it with some ultra dark stain to get this black color (liquiefied tar and used motor oil can get this color also).

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    My only experience with a Papasha 41 was with my friends.(SOT) It was a Polish post ww2 version. His stock was also very dark. Needless to say it was a BLAST to shoot with that 72 round drum. Just a thought and not saying it is not Russian, But these were made into the late 50's. So parts from the USSR satellite countries are available.
    There might be an expert on IDing these stock on here and if there is I'm sure they will chime in shortly

    Semper Fi
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    Thanks for your inputs guys.

    I am sure it is Russian - the serial number contains letters from Russian alphabet and other markings also prove it is Russian made.

    By chance I too have a polish made PPSh 41 (IIRC dated 1952) which has a stock with the typical and usual beautiful light brown color, so the stock being Polish was a possibility I have rejected I am not saying that the stock could not be a postwar replacement from USSR satellite countries though...

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    And if IIRC his was dated 1952. That bad boy could BBUUUURRRRPPPP the entire 72 round mag without a hickup. I did it in burst but my buddy was into MAG DUMPS which were always very impressive. SHAWANG!!!!!!!!

    Semper Fi

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    If you don't mind me asking, what company did you purchase this from? Thanks!

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    Hi, it was bought from (Czech company).

    I guess this is of no help


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