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Pricing a Gewehr

Article about: This is the book...despite the poor focus ! Prost ! Steve.

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    This is the book...despite the poor focus !
    Prost ! Steve.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    "The German Army is the perfectly adapted, perfectly running Machine. The difference is that the Germans are organised with a view to War...with the cold, hard, practical and business-like purpose of winning victories."
    G.W. Steevens - The Daily Mail (1897)

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    Quote by WW2Hunter View Post
    Hey nuno,
    I don't know the current prices in your country, but in that state, deactivated and turkish marked??
    I would pay no more than 200 euro, I wouldn't even consider buying that one because it is in a poor state.
    I bought a Lee enfield MkIII 1917 with all matching numbers with the bayonet(P1907) for 250 Euro, in superb condition, last summer.
    Deactivated rifles are rather cheap here because we are allowed to have bolt action rifles from 1888 till 1945 in working order without a permit(except ammo).
    If you like this one go for it, but I think there are beter gewehr's 88 around to be found...

    Hi Steven, Portugal isnt the best country for an hobby like this.
    Everything is more expensive than everywhere else, lol.

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    Those are lovely rifles.
    Thanks for showing.

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