Hello everyone

I just found this matching Queensland Police SMLE No.1 Mk.III for sale on a US auction site. This is a fairly rare SMLE with the Queensland Police having less than a 1000 issued. Not sure what the going price in the US would be, but I would expect at least $1500AUD if sold in Australia. I'd be interested if I didn't have to go through the nightmare of exporting/importing.


Queensland Police SMLE No.1 Mk.III for sale on US auction site

British MKIII Smle With Queensland Police Markings By BSA

"Estimate: $500 - $700
Description: serial #V2128, 303 British, 25" 1912 dated matching barrel with a very good bore that shows scattered frosting in grooves. The metal surfaces of this 1912 vintage rifle retain 70-75% original blue with scattered fading, and light oxidation staining on triggerguard, magazine, charger bridge, safety and nosecap. The walnut stock rates very good plus with light handling marks and dings scattered throughout. The magazine is unnumbered but stock, rear sight, bolt and nosecap are all matching. The receiver is marked "Q.P./580" indicating use by the Queensland Police in Australia. The rifle also retains its original set of volley sights and an unmarked tan sling is included with this rifle. You rarely see Pre-WW1 Enfields this original and this rifle would fit in well with even the most advanced British rifle collection. (207657-60) {C&R}"