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Question With Bolt Rifles

Article about: Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. S. Martin

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    Question Question With Bolt Rifles

    This may sound like a dumb question to ask..... If I take the firing pin out of a bolt on an Arisaka Type 99, will the bolt still operate?

    I ask this because I am still 13 and my parents agreed that I could have a WW2 rifle if the firing pin is not in the rifle (so it cant fire). They would keep the firing pin, and when we go to a shooting range we will put it back in.

    This would be my first live gun, and my parents are the opposite of "gun-loving people," so this is a step for them.... and it will help me in the collecting world.

    The strange thing is, we are not going to buy any ammo for it for a while.... so it seems pointless to take the firing pin out. (but i would rather not get into an argument with them and not be able to get the rifle at all, so I will just go with it)

    Many Thanks, S. Martin

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    The answer is yes and no. The bolt will operate in that you can work it as normal but it will not cock anything and the trigger will not actuate anything. Also, the safety knob at the rear will be wobbly/loose. Hope this helps.

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    wouldnt it be easier to get a trigger lock and let them keep the key rather than stripping out the fireing pin, just a thought

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    This would make the rifle unable to activate ammunition.
    I am in what i guess you could call the national guard in Norway. I have a rifle (Norwegian version of the H&K G3), but the firing pin is safely locked away and i will not gain access to it until i am taken into action or on exercise.
    With the firing pin removed it is not regarded as a weapon and i do not need to have a lockable box for it.

    As we have much much stricter gun laws in Norway to me it seems strange that you would be able to have a active weapon.
    For safety i think you parents should lock the pin away. This in case the rifle is stolen. I would never keep a live weapon in fire able condition unlocked in my home. Seen so many dangerous accidents in the army i wouldn't take the chance

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    What is the deal with the trigger lock--- I am curious to know what I could do with that.

    (Technically it would be my parents gun)

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    A trigger lock goes inside the trigger guard and keeps you from firing the rifle. There are dozens of different kinds, but they are very effective. As was stated earlier, your parents could keep control of the key and you would be abiding by their wishes. With an Arisaka, you could just pull off the magazine plate, drop a piece of chain through and put a padlock on it if you wanted.

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    If you had a trigger lock on the rifle and you cocked it, what would happen?

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    The trigger lock covers the trigger completely so you cannot access it.
    Maybe you might get a deactivated firearm to start with?



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    How about byuing a new firing pin and cutting the tip of it so it doesnt reach to the primer? The bolt would work as usual and you could change it when needed.. Or maybe a whole new bolt even. I dont know if arisaka have diffiulties changing another bolt. I mean the question of headspace.

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    Hi ,
    You are a very lucky young man to have such weapons at an early age, even with your parents permission. I think Kala has a good idea in saying get another pin and have it cut down, then you can cock and dry fire the rifle with no damage. this would be easy to do in the U.S, and you will appreciate the rifle more when you handle it. good luck to you in your collecting life.

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