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question on Mosin Nagant

Article about: Hi guys, he has sent a couple of pics, I dont think it is a T version with the cocking handle straight out, any thoughts from anyone? Cheers

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    Default question on Mosin Nagant

    Chaps, I have the chance to buy a 1943 Mosin Nagant, the wood work is not a refurb one but nice wood, all matching numbers with a bayonet. He says its a "T" version which was a sniper one. Is this correct? Does it affect the value at all? How much should I be paying for it? I have seen the ex arsenal ones at Ryton for 155. Anyone any ideas? Sorry guys no pics but I have seen it, its from the same chap as the SMLE and it an ex firer.


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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Unfortunately I dont know anything about the "T" version, sorry. 155 sounds normal for what prices are at nowadays. Here in Arizona Cabelas sells them for $199 USD, but prices are slowly going back to where they should be, at about $100-$120 USD. Its a mass produced rifle, over 35 million were made so there are rare versions but they don't affect the price much. Its not hard to find a 1943 (i saw one yesterday at Cabelas) and as long as the bayonet fits snug it should be good.

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    Hi Ben,
    The Sniper version has the bolt coming down the side of the rifle as with the normal version that points out to the side, i have seen sniper versions go for a good few hundred pounds ie, up around four or so they are expensive but if it is right and you can get it for a good price go for it, it can only go up in value best of luck in getting it. I would love to see some pics.

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    Many thanks for the reply guys, Dave he wants 190 so I might go for, its real nice condition

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    Hi Ben,
    At 190.00 you cant go wrong mate if it is a sniper it would make a great addition to your collection, i have a 1917 M,N. and a 1942 carbine version but would love a sniper. best of luck in getting it send some pics our way after.
    regards dave.

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    Dave I have asked him to send some pics, if it is I will pick it up next weekend, but in the condition its in I will probably end up buying it anyway

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    Some good advice here. I had passed on a '43 dated example for a '23 dated hexagon barrel with beautiful bore and nicely finished stock - but I got lucky with that one. Good luck. NH

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    190 sounds good i have just paid 160 plus 30 for bayonet there are a lot around at mo brens were 150 alday long now they are 450 + thats why iv just brought Nagant

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    Is that from Ryton or another store? I have seen 1925 models at Ryton for 120

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    From another store i found Ryton Nagants after i got mine only to find it was chopped by Ryton as they supply to the trade im happy this dealer laid it by for me without desposit Regards Don.

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