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Questions regarding c96 broomhandle

Article about: I worked for Navy Arms many years ago when the factory was in Union City. I was doing the phones and they had tons of the 7.63 stuff . Since Val the owner passed away I think Charlie Steen f

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    Default Questions regarding c96 broomhandle

    Hello, here is Julekpl again. I have been offered a trade for a c96 mauser broomhandle. In fact two. I will be meeting a person the next few days in order to trade a few of my guns for his C96, which is a 7.62 caliber from 1914. The other C96 is a "red 9" 9mm with the stock. I was wondering, is it east to come by 7.62 caliber ammo for the C96? And is 9mm parabellum ammo alright to use for C96 9mm caliber? Also I have heard of these being remade by the Chinese...any things to keep an eye out for? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Questions regarding c96 broomhandle

    Look for German trademarks, and fine machine work/finish - the Chinese versions were more crudely finished.
    As I am sure you know whatever you do do not put available Russian 7.62 pistol size ammo into it, it is too hot.
    Ammo boxes should be marked 7.62 Mauser or .30 caliber Mauser.

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    Default Re: Questions regarding c96 broomhandle

    Hi, nice to have the option to buy the C96 in both calibers.........I am looking to acquire a 9mm C96 myself, once I have negotiated our 'unique' licensing regulations here in the UK.......I can only reitterate what pitfighter has said about the Tokarev pistol produces very high chamber pressures and should not be used in the Mauser, hope your purchases turn out to be good 'uns.


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    Default Re: Questions regarding c96 broomhandle

    The American Rifleman April 2013 has a article about the chinese broomhandles.

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    Default Re: Questions regarding c96 broomhandle

    The standard Mauser C96 fire 7.63 Mauser ammo not 7.62.

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    Default Re: Questions regarding c96 broomhandle

    Good point - Habicht!

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    Default Re: Questions regarding c96 broomhandle

    oh true indeed, sorry, I might have clicked 7.63 by accident. So have any of you fired both 9mm and or 7.62? If so, which would you recommend getting? I have the the option to purchase either or.

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    Default Re: Questions regarding c96 broomhandle

    You'll have an easier time finding 9mm - Pit.

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    Default Re: Questions regarding c96 broomhandle

    Oh but I have found an owner that is selling/trading both away, but I can only afford to trade for one of them.

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    Default Re: Questions regarding c96 broomhandle

    The ones I've I seen from china were in 45. The one that were exported to China from Mauser were marked with the Mauser banner and also on the other side of the receiver it is marked.
    D.R.P. u.A.P.

    On the M1930 C96 that was contracted/exported to China you will find three chinese characters stamped on the left side of the pistol at the bottom of the mag well and also on the upper slide just to the right of the serial # behind the loading/ejection port . They say that the 3 chinese characters translates to "Made In Germany"
    I have one of these in 7.63X25 with wood Holster /stock and have had look for ammo but it has never been a problem. I would if I had to chose, Go with the 9mm as it is readily available.
    Good luck
    Semper Fi

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