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Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

Article about: Hello. I've only been on this site once while I was looking for any pictures of guns that were suppose to have belonged to Hitler. On one of the threads a guy showed a picture of a engraved

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    I was at the Ft Benning Inf. Museum and they had Goering Baton, what gives it looked the same as the one at West Point. I wonder if it was loaned out.
    LOL, it must by like Hitler's personal china, everyone has the original set They are probably all reproductions. the real baton is probably siitimg on someone's shelf. maybe even one of our forum members has it

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    Well, 'bout all I have to add is the pistols that seem to be generally agreed on as having an AH pedigree or similar are worlds away in terms of class, fit and finish from that P38 at the start of this thread. I don't recall many presentation pieces as being wartime typical fit/finish, unless they were taken from armory stocks and presented as awards (for shooting competitions and whatnot). Seems that if I know my first is going to AH, I'm going to go find the very best craftsmen I have and make that pistol a singular example of the gunmaker's highest art-I won't trust that my line machinists and bulk bluing tanks will do the job adequately. That P38 wasn't anything more than a bringback dunked in the local bumper tank w/ a cheap gold plate job. That serial number is easy enough to fake by fitting an unmarked slide and stamping it with a 1. Whatever Xray mumbojumbo you want to put it through won't show anything out of the ordinary. Given he hasn't loggen in in almost a year, I'm afraid this whole thing was a big troll.

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