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Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

Article about: Hello. I've only been on this site once while I was looking for any pictures of guns that were suppose to have belonged to Hitler. On one of the threads a guy showed a picture of a engraved

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    Default Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

    Well I am interested, what do you want for it? Is the trigger solid gold, or plated?

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    Bryan A

    Default Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

    Dick, I can't answer that on an open forum on the www. Send me a private email address and we'll talk shop

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    Bryan A

    Default Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

    dejacque, sorry about that I'm new to this site too. I think am also the most hated. but I'm use to it. I don't know how to use this site either yet. I have to save the last page in favorites to find it again.

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    Default Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

    Bryan,not to beat a dead horse,but I put that P.38 up for review on my other favorite site.Without leading the posts in either direction these are the responses.These gentleman focus on German weapons,and most know their stuff.I am just trying to show you we were not trying to steer you in the wrong direction Hitlers P.38 - Militaria Forums

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    Bryan A

    Default Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

    von sphinctor, I just found that gun while looking for "any" gun about Hitler. It may very well be as fake as a $3 dollar bill. I understand that, seriously I do, everyone on here says the same thing.

    The only thing I was wanting to know when people started saying it was a fake, ( was how could I, me, bryan, know that if I saw something like that at say a gun show) I still don't know. Is it the finish, the stamps, the paperwork, I still don't know because everyone just wants to jump my case about asking "how do you tell, prove, it's a fake?) I just wanted to know.

    I saw a show that the NRA has on the outdoor channel, it was talking about the kreg, or Krag rifle and that in 1898 and 1899 there were about 22,000 made and it was the most faked gun out there on the market, but guess what, they didn't tell us or me or anyone how to tell ones a fake from the real thing. So I would like to ask them tell me how I could know.

    And guess what I've never bought any old war time guns, I don't want something I can't shoot. I buy most of my guns on sheriff's department letter head and pay a lot less and no taxes. I just have to keep it in my possession for a year before I can sell it.

    I did buy a 1877 colt lighting, with a 4 digit serial number once, for $1500.00 and sold it years later for $3000.00. That was nice.

    I'm a cop, have been since college. I can't take a case to a D.A. or U.S. Attorney with my opinions, I have to have cold hard facts, it's the way the Justice system works in this country. So when I'm asking people to tell me how something is fake, I'm not questioning them as people, (I don't know them from adam) but I'm so used to having to have facts, that's what I want. So maybe someday if I saw a gun at a gun show and wanted to buy it, how do I know it's real or fake.

    I just was wanting someone to tell me how I, me, bryan could tell, because I honestly still don't have a clue.

    I've found several more guns on the internet that claim they were Hitlers guns or his generals guns, but with all the problems of showing the second gun I found, I'm worried about asking about them.

    to be 100% honest I don't know anything about wwII guns other than one was a luger and the walthers. And I don't own any, and never paid much attention to them at shows. I like 1911's, mostly Kimbers. old smith's and AR's. And of course my deer rifles. but I couldn't tell a fake kimber or smith from a real one, I just buy what I like and hope I'm getting a good deal.

    I wish people who answer these replys would go back to the very first questions I asked Ade. I was just looking for advise and pictures of guns, the first one I found was on this site.

    When the first person said fake I just wanted to know how do you prove it, other than just opinion. stamps, finish, the whole gun, paperwork or what, and if it was one or the other, tell me How I Could Know. That's it in a nutshell.

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    Default Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

    I understand your position,as collectors a fake jumps out at you.The more experienced/mistakes we make the easier it gets to spot a problem.When i started collecting WWII I didn't understand the pitfalls,but you learn through experience and research.Reading books is our greatest resource and then sites like this one.As a law enforcement agent you can scan a crowd and see potential problems from experience and training.I'm sure there is a little gut instinct in there too.The average "Joe" would not even notice.It is the same for us in collecting.The guns that I am most experienced with I can see a problem more quickly.The guns I am learning about, I rely on books and/or my fellow collectors.I think the stumbling block here was questioning a consensus of opinions.I did not see any positive feedback on the P.38.You have to trust your fellow enthusist when they have some experience in this area.We gave many examples of why it was incorrect.Finish,workmanship,weak documentation,etc.I would encourage you to take an interest in our hobby.I think you mentioned a few times in previous posts you feel outcast ,but this is not the case.I cant speak for anyone but me,but all I suggest is you keep an open mind.Good luck and let us know when you pick up your first WWII collectable

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    Bryan A

    Default Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

    thank you, that was the best response I've had on here from the start. i kept explaining I didn't know a damn thing about any of this, I just wanted to learn how to spot a fake gun,

    I'd like to have this group see to other guns I found but I'm not sure how to get them on here to show them, Ade got them on here for me. I'll find them, and see what we can do.

    I plan on going to the biggest gun show in the US in a few weeks at Tulsa, Ok.....who knows i might just buy one for the hell of it. but I've also heard it hard to find one of these P38's with matching serial numbers. Is that true? and if so why wouldn't they match?

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    Default Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

    Quote by Bryan A View Post

    I plan on going to the biggest gun show in the US in a few weeks at Tulsa, Ok.....who knows i might just buy one for the hell of it. but I've also heard it hard to find one of these P38's with matching serial numbers. Is that true? and if so why wouldn't they match?
    A matching P.38 is not hard to find.A mismatch is parts from another gun with different ser #.Most guns left the factory matching except very late in the War.There is some debate that the late mismatches were actually put together after the factory was over run(Walther ac code).Most all matching guns in good condition are collected and rarely if ever fired.Mismatches are usually shooters to enjoy at the range.My range gun is an all matching P.38 that has been re-blued.Refinish kills the value "big time"

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    Bryan A

    Default Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

    So is a mismatched gun considered a fake gun? I saw that Ade had one that had been cut up and unusable why would someone do that to a gun?
    What's a good price in the US to pay for a P38 and can you shoot today's 9mm in them, are they still safe to shoot?

    If you had a WWII gun in your hand what do you look for to make sure it's real, if your a novice in this area?

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    Default Re: WWII guns, Hitler guns

    Mis-matched guns are not considered fakes. They are just simply less desirable with collectors.

    Bear in mind a mis-matched gun can be perfectly original and not something knocked up from bits post war. A part could wear or break in the field and be replaced.

    Also laws in different countries vary: when you say "cut up" do you mean de-activated?

    Wartime P38's are perfectly safe to shoot today. But if you do not know what you are doing, you MUST have it checked over by a gunsmith first. Get expert advice on what ammo to use.

    Re your question about making sure something is "real". This is a very broad question. Check the serial numbers all match, check it is not reblued, replacement parts, etc.

    Cheers, Ade.

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