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Reich Revolver

Article about: Enjoy this 11mm 1879 Reichrevolver...BILL

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    I was pretty sure, that Wilmer had twin 45s, so I had to check; I was right, Elisha Cook brandished two 1911s prior to Bogart slapping him around.,_The

    Fosberys converted to .45 - horror indeed!

    The Red Badge of Courage was a good book and an okay movie (though of course its a product of its time).
    Audie was a better soldier than he was an say the least.....

    ..........but ohhhh boy, what a soldier!

    Yes, FIOCCHI is usually a good source for non-standard ammo and the .44 Russian certainly is that
    (mmmmmmm, S&W Russian - want).

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    This is the one you want. Notice Bogart holding both 45s at 2:35

    In the firearms database link, he is also seen holding both.

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    Great stuff, thank you!

    To further deviate from Reichs Revolvers!

    Here's a favorite of mine - Gary Cooper shooting a Vickers watercooled from the hip!
    "Lives of a Bengal Lancer."

    Back to RR's if anyone has any other pictures of the RR's holsters or ammunition, please feel free to post here, or create another thread, it would be very helpful to me, and I am sure others. The only book I have found on line is in German, which is an option. The old Ian V Hogg books have cursory info. at best.


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