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Relic gun

Article about: Hello guys! I'm trying to buy this gun. I don't know which model is, the seller says that is a german gun from WWII... If you can help I'll thank you. Regards.

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    Hi everyone

    greco: I don't work in a firearm in Barcelona. This Luger was found in Bastogne, that's all the information I have.

    m3bobby: What are you reffering with rounds?

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    It looks like theres about 3 corroded bullets in the magazine, maybe its just an illusion.

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    It looks like there are 3 rounds still in the magazine to me as well, well they certainly look like rounds and are in the right place too



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    Oh, yes, there are still 3 rounds there. Sometimes I don't understand some words in english. Rounds = bullets, I'll remember.
    Maybe the soldier who wore this luger shot the last rounds until his death

    Regards from Barcelona

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    Hi, thats a great piece of history, those are inded three bullets. Some day i have to buy something like that.
    Best regards

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