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Relic gun

Article about: Hello guys! I'm trying to buy this gun. I don't know which model is, the seller says that is a german gun from WWII... If you can help I'll thank you. Regards.

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    Default Relic gun

    Hello guys!

    I'm trying to buy this gun. I don't know which model is, the seller says that is a german gun from WWII...
    If you can help I'll thank you.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Relic gun   Relic gun  

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    Default Re: Relic gun

    i think the MA on the grips is for Mauser

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    Jan is offline

    Default Re: Relic gun

    A nice original relic ... any info were it was found? Itīs a Mauser alright!

    Rgds Jan

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    Default Re: Relic gun

    im just searching mauser pistols and the closest i can find to it is a mauser WTP which ther are 2 models of. but its def different to those 2 models

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    Default Re: Relic gun

    Many thanks guys, but in a recent thread here in warrelics I've seen two similar ones that are FN Browning 1906 "Baby Browning".
    Is this one also a FN Browning?

    Hi Jan, the seller says that this gun was found in Dresden's suburbs.

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    Default Re: Relic gun

    I must say, that I donīt thinks this relic is Mauser Waffenverk made. Reason to that is
    - The logo in sidplate is not Mauser logo. I have seen two different logos. WM - Waffrnfabrik Mauser and plain Mauser. MA or AM dosenīt refer to Mauser IMHO
    - As Lee Edwards said, the frame of this relick doesīt resembles any Mauser manufactured pistol.

    The frame is a little odd. If that square thing is a barrel, why there is hole in it?
    Makes one think it maybe a blank firing pistol or gas pistol and the hole is for metal stick to prevent it shooting bullets. Is the calibre 6.35 (.25) or something else? Is it rifled?

    I think that the manufacturer for this relick could be find in Spain in Eibar region, Belgium or if itīs not a "real" pistol from germany.

    I can be wrong here, as allways, but intersting piece anyway.

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    Default Re: Relic gun

    The design looks like a Walther Model 9 - except for the safety which is placed behind the grip instead of in front. I would also say it is of Belgian or Spanish manufacture. But there were several very small pistol manufacturers in Germany at that time...

    If the hole in the barrel is not made for deactivation I would suggest it is a blank firing pistol and not a real gun. In the early days these were made the same way as a real gun except for some details...

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    Default Re: Relic gun

    I found it ! It is indead German .... :-) It is produced by the same who produced the Liliput pistol (Wikipedia):

    The Liliput was manufactured by Waffenfabrik August Menz in Suhl, Germany from approximately 1920 to 1927. Menz also manufactured a similar .25 ACP pistol introduced in 1925 as the Model 1, and a .32 ACP pistol sold as the Beholla Pistol.

    You can see a picture of a gun for sale here:

    You can also see a picture of it here with a little different grip logo

    So I guess that it is a quite rare gun....

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    Default Re: Relic gun

    wow guys, many thanks for the information.
    Best regards.

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    Default Re: Relic gun

    HVK, you are right. Definetly Liliput. Very intersting. But still, the hole. What is itīs purpose? I am quite sure itīs not original.
    Well, Sepulhed, If you get it, Iīll would be very interested to know if it is 4,25mm or 6,35mm.

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