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Relic P-38

Article about: Hello Gents, This is an interesting item. I am thinking of purchasing it but I would like to find out if 300eu is a fair price for this. I hate asking "how much" questions but I ca

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    Default Relic P-38

    Hello Gents,

    This is an interesting item. I am thinking of purchasing it but I would like to find out if 300eu is a fair price for this. I hate asking "how much" questions but I cant find a similar one anywhere. Its a real "Been there" item.

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    Best regards, Patrick

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    Default Re: Relic P-38

    Since you can get a good condition deactivated one for 395 ( Deactivated guns - Arundel Militaria) that seems expensive to me. On the other hand, I cant point you to a cheaper relic example, so if its a relic you want then fair enough. It looks like a nice example.

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    Default Re: Relic P-38

    It does seem expensive as Douglas mentioned and you need to find out if it needs a deactivated certificate for your country Pat, as though it is obviously beyond use, it still has its barrel and some have said that guns in a similar condition would need a paper these days.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Default Re: Relic P-38

    When I decide I will look into the gun laws but I am pretty sure that this will be alright.

    The price seems high. But I cant find another one. Would anyone know where to find similer handguns in relic condition for sale?

    Cheers, Patrick

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    Default Re: Relic P-38

    300 euro is far too much! You can get a brand new deactivated P1 for 250 euro and a very nice deactivated P38 costs around 400-500 euros. As other forum members already mentioned - be very careful and know Your country deactivation laws. I can see that this relic is missing only grips and after some treatment all parts will move again. I do not know how it is in Ireland but in many countries such relics are treated like live firearms. In my country You will get up to 5 years in prison. When it is Your first time etc. You in most cases just do have to pay a huge fine.

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    Default Re: Relic P-38

    300 Euro's!!! More like 30 Euros if even that. No way.

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    Default Re: Relic P-38

    I am going to pass on this gents, it is far too much money. Though I am still searching for one.

    Many thanks for the advice gents, I will of course do research before hand to stop myself from getting into trouble.

    Cheers, Patrick

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    Default Re: Relic P-38

    Here is mine for reference. Has an import marking on the back, but thats A-Ok by me. A damn good shooter!

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    Default Re: Relic P-38

    That will be another one from the dugup website.

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    Default Re: Relic P-38

    Yes - seems expensive, my byf 43 matching numbers was about 300 euros, and still shoots, for now we are still allowed the real thing.
    I would say you did right to pass, I think there are a lot of rusted ones around, although it is fun, and I must say I am a sucker for these rusted relics, but I'd look to pay half that amount.


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