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Remington M700 LTR

Article about: So, I know this isn't a military rifle in the strictest of senses, but the 700 action has seen many fields of battle, from Vietnam to current conflicts around the world. What you see here is

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    Default Remington M700 LTR

    So, I know this isn't a military rifle in the strictest of senses, but the 700 action has seen many fields of battle, from Vietnam to current conflicts around the world.
    What you see here is the Model 700 Light Tactical Rifle. It is chambered in .308 Winchester and features a fluted, heavy barrel. This is an actual police production rifle, but can also be purchased by the general public. This left hand model is less produced and likely more odd to run across. I got an outrageous deal and couldn't let this rifle pass.
    The optic is a Nikon FX1000 4-16x50mm with an illuminated reticle. Again, I got an incredible deal on it too.
    This rifle approximates what one might see fielded by a sharpshooter, however, next year this rig will accompany me into the woods to hunt white tail deer and perhaps the occasional nuisance coyote.
    Thanks for having a look.
    Remington M700 LTR
    Remington M700 LTR
    Remington M700 LTR
    Remington M700 LTR

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    Even thou Its a South Paw, That is a really nice one Carp!!! Are you a south paw??

    I know several folks with this model, The Police Special. One is a friend who is a SOT and deal's in Class 3 weapons. He made and had installed his own silencer on it. As he would say. Its as quite as a mouse fart. It was!!!

    Gotta see it on paper Carp?????

    Semper Fi

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    Nice rifle and optics. I agree with Phil on would like to see how it shoots. I use a LWRC on a AR platform in 308 for long range at 500 meters.

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    Thanks guys. Yea, I am a south paw Phil. I am afraid it won't be test fired for a while. We are snowbound now, and the unfortunate passing of one of our dogs really put a damper on things. It has been a rough couple weeks. I hope to get the package dialed in come spring. I hope the twist rate in this barrel likes 150 grain rounds, since I have several boxes of them.

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    Sorry to hear about the Pup. You certainly did get the snow fall this past week. We missed it down state.

    Oh...btw. Nice rifle. Will be great on whitetail. (I didn't get to go this year. But we harvested two great bucks from our property this year. Two nice 8 pointers. )
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    Thanks MAP. She was a special dog, to be sure.
    I haven't gotten out much this year. Opening weekend, then everything went to pieces the next weekend. I hope to get out this coming weekend, the last of the season. I have two doe tags too. I have seen a ton of deer, but I am very picky so as to ensure a swift, efficient kill. Nothing worse than the loss of or the needless suffering of an animal. It sickens me, some of the brain dead morons in the woods. Sadly, many come from downstate, but there are plenty of homegrown ones too.

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    Sorry to hear about your dog. She's over the rainbow bridge, and in a better place.

    I have time on those platforms from when I was a Patrol Rifle Sniper Observer. Very accurate and reliable, and capable of excellent accuracy. I prefer semi-auto, but for modern bolt action rigs, the 700 is still pretty solid. FWIW, our team ran 168 grain rounds for a long time as a duty round.

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    This is my Remington precision rifle camo paint

    Remington M700 LTR

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    Thanks PRE and Decima. She is in a better place, but she will always be missed greatly PRE. I have been using 150s because my shots have only been, at most 250 yards. On the day I shot 250 yards, the wind was calm and those 150s flew like guided missiles. I was able to score two hits on a running coyote at that range. I know the heavier projectiles can reach out farther more reliably. Going to have to fool with it to see what combination of bullet weight and rifling works best.

    - - ------- - -

    Nice rifle Decima!

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    Nice looking rig. Should be accurate for sure. Have had a 700 ADL sporter with a 22 inch barrel and it is darned accurate. Best of luck with yours.

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