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Remington Manufactured 'LEBEL' Bayonet

Article about: Per Jerry Janzen, in 1916 the French government ordered 200,000 1907/15 Mannlicher-Berthier rifles with bayonets from Remington. Only 100,000 of the rifles were delivered and the remainding

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    Ooh... Heavy Losses!!

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    I Seem to have one with the Serial #. Is this rare or just another bayonet?

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    I recently came across an entirely unmarked lebel 1886 bayonet and then found this thread while attempting to find more info about it. Is there any way to confirm if one is of Remington origin?
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    The Berthiers were amongst a number of 'foreign' weapons that ended up in US service during WW1 due to the shortage of military rifles when the US entered the war in 1917-the Canadian Ross, Russian M91 Mosin Nagant (made under license in the US), Berthier etc-these were mostly used for training but Lebels were issued to US Black troops in France. Like most of the combatants anything that went bang was useful when the crap hit the fan at least for training the vast new forces suddenly being raised.

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    anyone know where i could get 1? i have a Mannlicher Berthier and would love a bayonet for it

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    The bayonet in question is the long cruciform spike bayo for the Lebel/Berthier rifles-the carbine uses a long knife bayonet that is not interchangeable with the rifles-see the Berthier M1916 Thread for examples of it. If looking on the net you would need to specify that it's for the carbine.

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    Quote by Berthier92 View Post
    anyone know where i could get 1? i have a Mannlicher Berthier and would love a bayonet for it
    Yes try one of your countrymen Robert Welcome in NZ or Australia at Hope this helps some...BILL
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    Default Sheer luck

    I recently acquired an original Remington made Lebel-Berthier rifle and needed a bayonet to go with it. Knew nothing but general type when I found this one today at a local antique mall. No markings anywhere on bayonet or scabbard. Original long length with an excellent blade. Some aging/oxidation to exposed surfaces. Seller dropped from $125 to $85 to move it. Some google research at home and my "representative" example appears to be a correct Remington made match for the one in this thread and for my rifle! What are the odds? I can take more photos, but here is the initial for comment. Thanks in advance !
    Remington Manufactured 'LEBEL' BayonetRemington Manufactured 'LEBEL' BayonetRemington Manufactured 'LEBEL' BayonetRemington Manufactured 'LEBEL' Bayonet

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    Bill, A-99, nice finds. Could you show close-ups of the markings. I have a Mint Remington Berthier that was one that never made it to France and would like to find a bayonet for it, Ray

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    Ray; completely sterile. No markings of any kind on bayonet or scabbard. That is one of the indicators mentioned by Bill and other posts I have found in the past couple of days. These were never delivered so never SN'ed or proofed by French. Going from experience and no research, I was originally under the impression that there would be an "R" or other mark similar to the Remington produced Mosin Nagant bayonet, the US M1917 bayonet, and all their parts on the US M1917 rifles made during the same timeframe, but apparently not. From what I can find, all the Remington made bayonets are of this variation with the white metal grip and latch/no quillon production modification adopted in 1915. The contour of the grip is also less pronounced at the crossguard. It would be great if someone would post a side by side comparison photo of this; I don't have one by a French maker to use.


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