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Reorganising my gun room, phase 1

Article about: Hi, Got some work to do in the next months. I'm recently converting my mancave. Previously i had a large displaycabinet bought from a shop. The thing blocked a large part of the view and it

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    An Aladdin's cave of weaponry, very nice.

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    Very nice room.

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    great looking collection. i have room for that 50 if you didn't.
    Just saying.....

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    man that's a lot of guns.

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    Sorry, can't export to the land of the free (sounds a bit painfull in this case).
    I shoots fine and loud ; )

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    Simply awesome paco. Been collecting for a few years I bet. Must be worth a fortune. Congradulations on a very impressive collection.

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    I collect for some 25 year. I didn' spend much money, just having a good radar and some luck...
    My best pieces are the one millionth handgun ever made by FN in 1912 and presented to JM Browing on a gala even in 1914. serial 1.000.000
    Also found some years later serial 500.000

    It is now listed in the book "Belgian Browning pistols" by Anthony Vanderlinden

    Got a FN 1922 with an extreem high serialnumber but still German proofed. Found in the FN plant in 1944 when the German fled.

    serial 44567 C the C prefix means the real serial is 344.567 It is a shit scaring number that indicates the size of the German army. The FN1922 was just a non important sidepistol. The complete Belgian army has just 30.000 soldiers.

    I'm very happy with my Belgian Army stamped FN minimi, MAG, FALM3, FALM1's and FNC.

    I do like my abused FN 1976 NATO Trial FNC that is beaten to hell during the test.

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    Still moving on. Slow progress, the constructor sucked and turned out to be a rooky. Mush time is waisted. He to move in the new house long before construction is over. Not a great situation to keep the weapons in the same room if you need to work in it.

    I estimate 30% of the work is done. Need to make the floor up and install display windows in the floor. Cabinets. Need to applay WW2 newsletters wallpaper all over the ceilings...
    Summertime job ; )

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    Nice museum you got there!!!

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    Thumbs up

    Not believe what a nice big collection of weapons that shows you.
    Certainly a true museum
    Good luck with the renovations..

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