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RIC Lee Enfield Carbine .303 cal

Article about: Hello-this weapon started as a Lee Enfield Cavalry Carbine I in 1898-the Royal Irish Constabulary were looking for replacements for their single shot black powder Snider and Martini Henry ca

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    Super Nice RIC Carbines....BILL
    "As long as there are brave men and warriors the halls of Valhalla will never be silent or empty"

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    Hello Nyles-yours is very good-would have been a Lee Metford CC originally as it has the side buttstock sling bar of that model which formed the majority of the conversions.

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    I knew that, actually, however I do have to disagree that the majority of RIC carbines were converted from Lee-Metford's. Skennerton's book states that "a few" Lee-Metfords were also used as the basis for the conversion, while the majority were Lee-Enfields. Also, of all the RIC carbines I've had the chance to examine, only a couple were former Lee-Metfords.

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    My apologies-you are of course correct-I had a brain freeze-it's very late here-I mentioned the sling side bar/LM CC for the benefit of other viewers who aren't familiar with the type.

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    Lovely rifles! This is a real interesting one for me as I'm fascinated with this period of my country's history. I have always got my head stuck in a book from the easter rising through to the war of independence right through to the civil war and the divides that last to this day. Irish history is very bleak and dark lol. Where was your rifle imported from just out of interest? Was it Ireland?

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    Hello badchild-mine was one of 3 imported in 1973 from a UK arms dealer-they had long left service by that stage. A number had previously been seen here over the years-2 had appeared with '5 MD' butt stock markings for service with the 5th military district (WA) presumably impressed for use by reserve or home guard units during WW2.

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    Interesting stuff, thanks for showing them!

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