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Article about: Unbelievable that they are just throwing these things away ! Surely the guys relatives must know they have a re-sale value ??? Just doesn't make any sense....... Still....your gain !

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    SUCCESS! I got the bolt out! The chamber, bolt, etc. everything looks MINT! It felt amazing to cycle this rifle for the first time probably since the vet brought it back from the Pacific! In fact, I took a video of me cycling it for the first time. It needs a good cleaning, and the barrel is all stopped up with gunk and spider webs... BUT I WILL RETURN IT TO IT'S FORMER GLORY! BANZAI!

    Here's the vid of me cycling it for the first time!

    Here are some additional pictures. Sorry for the cell phone photo quality... I had very time available to reassemble the rifle. In two mins I will be on the road to visit my fiancee in Albany! A GOOD WEEK/ WEEKEND FOR ME!


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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Nice find Joe!! The type 38 looks like it will clean up good. Cheers, Rob

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Nice Joe, congrats on getting the bolt unstuck! Too bad you didnt live close by, we could shoot em all in my backyard "range". The stuff you find is amazing man! I wish my family owned a Dump/Garbage biz. You will be rich just off these Freebies in no time. Keep it up!

    So, all the stuff that is tossed in the dump gets filtered through human hands? or is it just certain sections? That must take forever either way!

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Hi Bill, thank you very much for the kind words! Believe it or not, it doesn't take much time at all! We try to keep the process moving as fast as possible, so there is a danger of valuable stuff being not seen and destroyed.

    100% homogenous loads of virgin wood, metal, shingles, etc. are not sorted through.

    All mixed loads get picked through. If we notice something blatantly sticking out of the pile, we will pick it out before the process begins. Otherwise, it, it follows this process:

    When the customers are done with the dumpster they rented, we pick them up and bring them into our facility. Our trucks dump the contents of the dumpster into "the pit":

    Unless we can see objects in the freshly dumped pile to be saved, this machine picks the "raw" material up and loads it into the ANNIHILATOR (the yellow box-like thing):

    The Annihilator breaks things down into pieces small enough for our workers to handle. Our workers stand ontop of this platform. The platform has stations devoted to clean wood, plastic, fiber and metal. For example, if you are a worker standing at the first station, you look only for virgin wood and when you see it, you throw it down a hole you're standing next.

    Finally, the material that cannot be recycled is loaded onto a transfer truck and shipped to the landfill.

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Zwerge is correct about the Mossberg. The Remington 660 is a getting hard to find older model chambered in 350 Magnum caliber I believe with vent rib. Never extremely popular because of caliber causing heavy recoil but should be worth several hundred bucks if it cleans up.

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Thanks for the reply Mauser, I appreciate it!

    I just wanted to take a moment to update you guys on my effort to clean up the T38 Arisaka.

    A lot of people on the internet recommended using 0000 steel wool. I was very nervous to use it at first because to be honest, I had no idea what 0000 was. I immediately assumed that it would be VERY course and scratch up my rifle like crazy! A friend of mine gave me a few pads to use and I was shocked to see that it is compariable to steel cotton candy! When I realized that, a lot of my fears of ruining my rifle were eased. I calmed down and decided to give it the ole' college try.

    I spent probably two hours on the metal parts of my rifle. I first started by cleaning the barel (which had cobwebs, some weird orange waxy stuff, and I swear there was a bug in there..). I ran a jag through the barrel a few times to get rid of the junk in there, then followed by a normal barrel cleaning using my brush, cleaning patches, bore snake. After getting the barrel clean, I soaked some 0000 wool in CLP foaming spray and sprayed CLP on the part of the rifle I decided to start on... and just attacked the rust! The rust and grime came
    off so easily...I would gently scrub and every once when I noticed a lot of soupy looking rust/ CLP mix, I'd wipe the surface clean with a towel.

    I decided to do this late last night in poor light. I want to revisit the rifle during the day time so I can see things better and finish the job!

    One "problem" I noticed is that one of the runners on the dust cover (the part that fits into the slot on the receiver and slides back and forth) has separated from the body of the dust cover. This is not something I did, it must have been like this for a long time. Is this a common problem? Should I do anything to fix it, or just leave it?

    I took some poor quality cell phone I'll be sure to post high quality pictures when all is said and done!

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    I tried to take some last min. before and after pics... this is the only set that came out well enough considering the poor lighting.


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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Also, here are some high quality pics of the only Civil War(?) rifle I have left... I sold the other to a friend of mine who reenacts.

    I also sold the Remington 600 to my uncle for a few bucks.


    Can someone help me identify this? One friend of mine thinks it's a "zouave."

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Seems like the rifle is coming along very well.

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Muzzle loader is a repro Remington M1863 Contract rifle in .58 cal-'Zouave' is a French Colonial type of North African soldier-uniforms were copied in the US by many state units such as Louisiana-highly impractical 'Arabian Nights' type of costume-can be seen in the film 'Glory' as bodyguards to the Union General reconnoitering the fort on the beach before the assault by the 54th Mass.

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