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Article about: Unbelievable that they are just throwing these things away ! Surely the guys relatives must know they have a re-sale value ??? Just doesn't make any sense....... Still....your gain !

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    Default Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    My family rented a series of dumpsters to a company doing a house cleanout. I have been told that the previous owner of the house passed away and was a gun-nut. As such, I have been told to expect some rifles to come into our recycling facility.

    The first two rifles arrived yesterday. One is a Remington Model 600, the other is a mystery to me.

    The Rem. M600 is rusty, but seems to be functioning. The action functions properly and the rifle can be dry fired. The barrel looks good... nice strong rifling... just dirty.

    The rifle on the top is a mystery to me. At first I thought it was an air rifle... but it looks to be too large a caliber. I also found a removable ramrod in the stock.... so small caliber muzzle loader?


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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Damn! Nice finds. What are the laws regarding claiming a firearm? Any chance of you keeping them?


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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    sure it hasn't been used by you're neighbor to kill his wife? :S

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Why would any one chuck this stuff out ! Great find , hopefully the first of manny ...

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    The top rifle is a .22 Mossberg,either a 51M or 151m....Pete.

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Pete is correct.

    It's likely from the 1950's. I'm not totally sure, but this particular model
    may have been used for military training.........


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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Thanks for the responses, everyone!

    3 more came in with the next dumpster. These seem in much better shape.


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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    I'm pretty sure that because they were in our dumpster, they are our property.

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    It looks like they (Mossberg 151m) go for at least 125-250$. It also looks like the rear diopter is missing. Is it a semi auto?

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    Default Re: Rifles FOUND IN GARBAGE!

    Abandoned property my friend. In the good ole US of A, once you put it in a trash bag and set it on the curb, you give up all rights to the contents, as well as your fourth amendment rights (search and seizure) of what you may have put in there. Same applies to a dumpster. Very nice catch, they are YOURS! This rule does not apply to a bag of cash that falls off an armoured truck. Valuable things frequently get thrown in the trash when an aggrieved wife catches her husband being less than faithfull to his marriage vows, EEE GAD ZOOKS!


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