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Russian Maxim M1910

Article about: I am putting the finishing touches to this package. The belt loader and armor plate (IMA repro, sorry) are inbound. I decided it was time to buy one, looking at the prices and the way they'v

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    Thanks Samnev -

    No worries - I was really impressed with Dennis' customer skills - the Maxim will be back!!!

    Ref. our previous Russian arms conversation -
    *No joke about the mags being fitted to individual firearms, drum and two sticks (ribbed and slab) are great, third stick (ribbed) fits like it was designed for another firearm, lol.

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    Quote by samnev View Post

    Pit here's a picture of my buddy shooting my C&R original snow cap 1910. Next to him is my RP 46. The 1910 is my favorite water cooled MG and the Rp 46 my favorite LMG. I have a DP 28 barrel in at in this photo as I have only one of the heavier RP 46 barrels. It also has the belt loading device tha allows the use of the metallic PKM belts. When I first got my 1910 it was also having case separations like your has. The original owner told me he had the problem. Mine was doing that because the original owner had not adjusted the head space. Just behind were the lock is the arm that the lock attaches to. It a 2 piece arm I just loosen it and I put in shims that that I use to adjust my Vickers head space. Problem fixed. It has never had a case separation since then with over 5K rounds thru it. One more thing. I started out using the Fin belt loader but eventually bought a PKM belt loader which made the belt loading a lot easier. As stated the 1910 is super accurate. We shoot at 500 yards and all you see is a very small dust cloud impact. Just dig in the spikes on the Sokolov mount. THere is one down side to the 1910. When ever I bring it out everyone wants to shoot it. So I had to take apart one belt and make 50 round segments for those wanting to shoot it. Before that it was very common for some one to dump a whole belt.
    Hi Pit,
    I missed the part about the Lewis Gun. Yes that is my US 30-06 Lewis to the right of the RP 46. I also have the Brit 303 version. That is also my MG 42 to the left of the 1910 Maxim. I also brought out a Colt 21/28 an a PPSh 41 that day as well.
    It was our annual Bob Faris Memorial Day shoot

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