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    Here is an odd gun.
    It fires a 22cal short rimfire cartridge and was used indoors(sic) for targetpractise.
    According to the little information I have found it was made around 1900-1930.
    I loosely believe it is of german origin.
    I have not yet had the courage to fire it, but someday I will.
    Is there someone here that have more info on guns like this one?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -2009_0221scheibenpistole.jpg   -2009_0221scheibenpistoleotherside.jpg  


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    It could well be a 'parlor' pistol. I believe I have read that back in the 'day', they used to shoot such arm's in their parlors. Into fireplaces etc. A sort of family entertainment system. Just my 'guess'.

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    Wedge it in a tree and tie a string to the trigger.....Boom and you still have ten fingers

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    Thank you packin9 and Von S for your nice replies.
    Maybe Von Sphinctor can be in charge for harm reduction on the forum
    Lets get together a few of us and fire guns like this one in someones house.
    packin9: If you bake some cookies and serve coffee, I will bring the gun and a couple of boxes of ammo
    We can all cough gunsmoke and declare one of us "parlorchampion"
    According to the info I have found these guns were sold with bakelite or wooden grips and around 1910 a bakeliteversion costed 7 reichmarks.
    I have a few other guns I need to testshoot before this one, but if someone else have a similar one and want to compete Im game, hehe.

    Best regards

    Ps. Thank you all for a warm and friendly forum full of knowledge!

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    Hi Laplander,

    This looks like a cheap nineteenth century pistol which is meant to fire the black powder 6 mm Flobert round. Defenitely not a modern .22 smokeless round!

    I would never fire the cartidges you depect next to it!

    Nice little gun, though!


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    Hi emileverbunt.

    Thank you for correcting me concerning right ammo for this gun.
    I have seen references to the Flobert round, but not aquired any as of yet.
    You are also right when saying its a cheap gun.
    Cheap when made and sold, but also cheap when I bought mine.
    Maybe you saved me an eye or a finger with your information.
    You Emile can stand next to Von Spinctor as an ambassadeur for harm reduction