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Smith &Wesson 44 mag 29-2 in box, time capsule revolver need info

Article about: This is a 29-2 marked 44mag revolver,has wood presentation box and tools,even has the original cardboard box as shipped from Smith&Wesson .Nickel finish,mint cond.Bought it from widow of

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    Another beauty that Model 19. Had a blued snubby 19 back around 78. Wish I had kept that one! Those K frames going for good money now! Discontinued in the mid-90s if my book is correct for the 2 1/2 incher. Great snag in nickel.

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    Quote by Anderson View Post
    Collectors dream in that boxed condition. Probably bought after the original owner had viewed a certain movie around 1971.
    Lots of people watched that film and then rushed out to buy one, a few weeks later the guns were in pawn shops because people couldn't handle them. I've fired quite a few rounds through a .44 in Poland and it's two handed shooting for sure.
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    I used to own, when we could, a .357 model 586 6”. Awesome gun, couldn’t miss even if I fired backward. Colt 1911 however, couldn’t hit a barn door until I stopped aiming and just pointed.

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    Sweet looking S&W's Gent's.I used to have a Highway Patrol mans,But sold it and totally regret that sale. Semper Fi Phil

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    If going for big bucks now you can bet I had one and let it go looking for that perfect "One Gun" Forget about that! Held onto a S&W CS-9 in stainless since 99. Seem to be shooting up in value on the used gun market like the 39 series also. Sounds like a lot of folks like these metal guns more than the influx of synthetic striker fired semi autos being produced now.

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